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By: Cybrosys Technologies

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Odoo


The customer happiness indexing is the satisfactory happiness level of the customer which is measured based on the happens level or the satisfactory level the customer feels after engaging with your company. Moreover, a satisfied customer will provide the company with more business opportunities than any advertising and promotional programs. A dissatisfied customer will ruin the company and its product as people are always looking for the best and a single flaw in the company's product or service will have a greater impact on the customer's mind rather than its higher level of benefits. So the customer should be driving to improve the customer happiness index.
Customers can be coined as the biggest asset of any business organization. The loyalty provided by the customer to a firm is directly dependent on the satisfactory levels which the company showcases to the customer making them choose the respective company over and over at the needful times. Long before the digitalization era, the business organization recognized the need for customer satisfaction and was striving to provide the customers with ultimate satisfaction. As the business organization started to grow and numerous establishments were offering the same service the competition among them started to increase. Along with the advertisement and marketing aspects to take advantage of the business market the organizations started to focus on customer satisfaction and ways to improve it to attract more business opportunities.
This blog will provide an insight into the customer happiness indexing and provide an insight into tools in Odoo which will help you to improve ist in your company.
How to measure customer happiness indexing?
In this modern era, there are numerous ways of measuring customer satisfaction and methodologies to improve it.
The measurement of customer happiness about a company can be measured by analyzing its customer satisfaction index. The customer surveys conducted all the information of the customer data and their satisfaction level. Measuring it is a time-consuming process and would be an extra burden for the companies however it will pay the institution back with profitable outcomes.
Benefits of measuring and analyzing customer satisfaction index:
In the initial days of operation, the measurement index would not provide the user with results that are off the chart but in the long run, this will be a beneficial tool and could be used as the reference material on all the business operations is based mainly on the consumers of the product.
1) Improves the sports team performance and results
2) Can be considered as reference material and plan the activity based on the chart attained
3) All the product and service planning can be described based on the suggestion of the customer from this index.
4) Can be able to attain both the positive and negative aspects of the product and service provided by the company to the customers.
How can Odoo help analyze the customer happiness index?
Odoo is a business management ERP solution that was developed at the start of the century to provide hassle-free business management solutions to its customers. Considered the best business management solution with the capability to run the entire business operations for the central platform Odoo is considered the most reliable ERP solution in this era. Operating from a centralized business management approach the Odoo platform will provide the user with a reliable solution to business management with modular mosques which have been defined to run the operation of the company from all levels of functioning.
Here the operation tools in Odoo which will hp the user of the platform with the customer happiness index:
The Odoo platform houses a customer relationship management module that helps the user to perform all the management of the opportunities of the business. The lead generation and opportunity recognition will provide the user with reliable leads to be followed up by various activities. Additionally, the module is directly integrated into the sale module of Odoo to provide the user with direct sale order generation opportunity from the module
The Odoo platform exhibits a survey module that helps the user to generate feedback surveys on the product and services to the customer. Moreover, these surveys can be customized and provided to the customer which will provide an insight into customer satisfaction.
Loyalty Program
The loyalty points achieved by the customers can also be exchanged for store credit or gift products improving the satisfaction of the customer in the business. The loyalty programs can be customized and defined to be operational in the platform as per the user's needs.

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