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By: Cirin C Baby

Move your company forward with Odoo

Functional Odoo 14

Every organization aims to move forward and attain the company operation to the next level in terms of profit, size, productivity, the standard of operation, employees, and all the aspects involved in the functioning. The achievability of them would include various parameters of company operation being involved in it. The executive and the management of the firm should be functioning in the same directions with the company operations in achieving it. The issue of concern occurs in the manageability of functioning even though the managers of the company are striving in the same mindset. Moreover, due to the involvement of various parameters and methodologies of operation and the fast pace environment of company operation the management would be a hectic task and require proper planning and strategies of operations.
Therefore, the need for a business management solution is inevitable in the business operations of the company. Moreover, a management tool that will provide the users with capabilities of complete control over business operations would be beneficial for all company operations. In addition, it would be even better for the companies if the operation would be flexed and the software could be adaptable to suit any mode of company functioning. Odoo ERP is the apt answer for these needs, fully customizable business software that can be used to run in any sector of company operations providing the users with the full manageability with the functional aspects of the various levels of the company.
Developed in a single platform Odoo has a centralized approach to business operations providing the user with centralized inventory management for the conduction of retail, wholesale as well as e-commerce sales of the company. In addition, the platform has a central database which provides the users with the ease of communication as well as an information exchange to be done with ease. Additionally, the platform has a modular approach to company functioning providing designated modules of operation which allow the user to run the company operation by departments that are interconnected and have a central database. Furthermore, Odoo ERP developed and designed in the wake of the current century can be coined as a new generation ERP with advanced features and capability of company operation.
This blog will provide an insight into the fact that the Odoo platform will make your company move forward and the reasons for it.
Odoo is one of the most advanced ERPs available in the market today with advanced capabilities of the company operation and functioning provides the user with the manageability and functioning of the company to be done in an extreme level of reliability and efficiency. Developed in the wake of the century the Odoo platform has grown from a new generation ERP to a widely used business management solution all across the world with more than 5 million users. The Odoo community is the backbone of the platform and it's what makes the platform and its operations to move forward with regularised updates and additional applications being released to deal with the user-specific needs. Here the certain module of operations in Odoo which makes your company operations to move forward:
Customer relationship management is vital in a company functioning to attaining business opportunities and customers. Odoo platform recognizes the needs and expenses of a CRM module with advanced tools of lead generation, lead enrichment, follow up activity on leads, direct sales order generation, and many more to run the customer relation operations of the company.
The accounting module of the Odoo platform allows the user to manage all the financial operations of the company such as fiscal year, taxes, advanced pricing rules, analytical accounting aspects. In addition, there are options for bank reconciliation and the user can create and manage payable and receivable accounts. Moreover, the user can create a chart of accounts for the company's operation.
The Odoo inventory management will provide the user with advanced features such as double-entry bookkeeping, define routes and rules of operation, 3-way matching product movement, multiple warehouses, manageability, and many more provide the users with centralized control over the inventory management operations of the company.
Human resource management
The HR management aspects of the Odoo platform will provide the users with the manageability of the operation for the recruitment process of the employees to the generation of payslip for them. In addition, there is an attendance monitoring module that can be integrated with the biometric devices of the company and the user can manage the leaves and the day off of the employees.
These are some of the modules of operations in Odoo but are not limited to function. The Odoo platform well expresses its features if customized aptly for your company operations. Therefore, for Odoo implementation as well as consultation purposes it's best to go to the pros in the field having abundant experience in the field. Cybrosys Technologies, the leading Odoo golden partner expenses their Odoo services to you, which can be available by contacting at info@cybrosys.com

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