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By: Manu menonn

How to Use Point Of Sales Module in Odoo 14?

Functional Odoo 14

Point of sale is an efficient module in Odoo and an effective tool for advanced business management. The point of sale module can help you run your shops efficiently. Using the Point of sale module is easy and if you master the configurations of the module then you can easily work with the module. Using the module effectively will help you improve your business management procedures.

This blog will give you an idea of how to use the Point of Sale module in Odoo 14.

Setting up Point of Sales Module 

PoS or point of sale modules is used differently according to the nature of the business. POS is an efficient system that meets the specific needs of your business and management. You can code the module according to the nature of your business and this is one of the advantages of using the Odoo system as it allows you to have maximum customization on its modules and functions for easy business management. PoS is an advanced module that has the ability to evolve and constantly develop itself according to your business management. This is also the reason why the Module is being used in industries such as the manufacturing sector other than restaurant and hospitality services that the module was traditionally used for as a management tool.

Understanding the Configurations of the Point of sale module in Odoo 14 is the first step that you have to take to master the module. Configuring the module as per your operational procedure will help you gain a much better hand in the module. You can configure almost any procedures and functions in the Module and Odoo ensures that you have access to the important configurations for easy module and business management. 

Dashboard on the Point of sale module allows you quick access to the configurations and all you have to do is click and fill in the details and essential data that satisfies your company or business policies. The module will work with respect to the details that you have entered on the configurations and will work accordingly which will be saved to the system automatically and you don’t have to go through the configuration every day to check up on your data. 


You can basically do any amount of configuration from the dashboard of the PoS module itself. Click on your desired business operation and you can select from the drop-down options on the desired operation and continue to configurations. For an in-depth and intense configuration of the module, you can go to the configuration tab and click on settings.  For more details and an in-depth understanding of the configurations in the PoS module in Odoo 14 follow this link https://www.cybrosys.com/blog/how-to-configure-pos-in-odoo-14. You can immediately use the module after the configurations and you don't have to go through any other procedures for setting up the configurations on your module. 

Using any module in the Odoo system in respect to the nature of your business function will help you gain a quick boost in your business and its management. The PoS module in Odoo has a set of pre-set business functions and businesses that you can work upon. The Module will work on the basis of the business that you're carrying out, for example, if you are running a Restaurant business the configurations in the module will change accordingly. The advanced system feature will let you have access to new functions and features according to the business environment that you have opted for. The sophisticated nature of the module allows it to adapt to your business proceeding and work accordingly and this will make your business data management more efficient.

Advantages of using the Odoo Point Of Sales Module

You can easily configure multiple payment methods for your business allowing your customers to access multiple payment methods and also provide them with a sense of ease in payment with the multiple payment systems, this is a major advantage for your customers for easy payments in your store or shop. The Point of Sale module allows you to have an exciting relationship with your customers through the rewarding system. You can reward them with discounts, points, gifts and many more. This is generally called the Odoo loyalty program which allows you to track your customer's buying habits and consumer behavior. With the Odoo PoS Box, you can connect various business-related equipment such as printers, barcode scanners, and many more. With your Odoo Point of Sale module through the PoS Box of Odoo for better and accurate data management. You can set this up for an affordable price.

Certain modules in Odoo have the ability to work both online and offline. PoS can work both online and offline, so if you lose your internet connection your data won't be manipulated or lost. It will be saved and the module will continue to work offline and when the connectivity is back the system will sync automatically and all of your data will be safe and accurate. POS module is highly compatible with any hardware and therefore it is easy to use the module in external hardware and you don’t need any specific installations on the hardware to use the POS module of Odoo. And you can also manage users in the Odoo point of sales module by easily assigning roles and restrictions to the users in respective to their roles in your business.

You can have complete customization on your PoS module with the help of Coding and Odoo development. So that you can add certain features and also make the system exclusively your own and highly integrated with your business. The PoS system enables you to develop and constantly grow with the application and the module will work according to the growth of your business and the highly sophisticated along with the enhanced tools and features in the module will help you in efficient business management. The configuration tab in the PoS module holds much more advanced functions, and it is highly recommended that you go through the configurations before using the module. This will help you to configure the module along with understanding the functioning of the module in depth.

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