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By: Manu menonn

Advanced Usages of Spreadsheet in Odoo

Functional Odoo 14

The spreadsheet is an extremely useful tool in Odoo. With the assistance of advanced features and tools, the spreadsheet will give you explicit detailing on important data and thereby increasing your efficiency in data management. Odoo spreadsheet is different from the traditional excel sheets, the highly integrated nature of the tool makes it efficient and far more reliable. The spreadsheet is available and can be accessed from all of the applications of the Odoo.
This blog will give you an idea of the advanced usages of spreadsheets in Odoo
The spreadsheet is a highly integrated tool in Odoo and almost all of the application has access to the spreadsheet. Odoo spreadsheet is an advanced data management system that works extremely well in the Odoo environment and it has the ability to recognize your day-to-day business routine and act accordingly so you don't have to update data every time. As the spreadsheet is automated in nature every single data I a module will be entered directly into the spreadsheet. Odoo spreadsheet displays every data explicitly for you to analyze and study on. Accurate analysis of data allows you to be more efficient in your business. The proper form of data management and analysis can predict the future of your business and it allows you to make efficient decisions on the business.
The advanced tools of the spreadsheet especially the Filtering tool that allow you to filter your spreadsheet so that only the necessary data are shown and help to avoid clutter between the data. You can create and edit the spreadsheet from the modules itself and you don't have to go to the Documentation module because of the integration of the spreadsheet with the other applications of the Odoo. Integration is a key for Odoo and it enables the Modules in Odoo to work hand in hand and to produce excellent results. The integration will help you in many ways and will help to avoid time and energy wastage.  
The spreadsheet works in a similar way across all of the Modules in Odoo and all of the tools and functions in the spreadsheet work in a similar fashion. The common spreadsheet features like highlighting a cell, Bolding or coloring a cell are similar to the Excel formats but the advantage is that the Odoo spreadsheet automatically recognizes the fields that you have marked important and will continue updating itself in the future entries. The highly integrated nature of the Spreadsheet gives you another advantage, the spreadsheet will automatically update itself with data and you don't have to physically enter every single data that the module generates.  
With the Odoo spreadsheet, you gain an improved report management system. Odoo 14 comes equipped with the pivot table which is extremely faster compared to the older version and also other stand-alone spreadsheet software. Integrating Odoo with the spreadsheet allows you to import all of the system data including the Reports and you can go through this process in a few clicks. You have the freedom to customize the data according to your business needs. The uninterrupted and seamless integration of the Spreadsheet will provide your business with quality analytics.
With advanced Odoo spreadsheet functionalities Sales analysis became more efficient with Odoo. You can easily go through the Sales report to its minute detail and with the advanced filtering option of the Odoo spreadsheet, you can categorize and analyze data in the way you want. And to make your reports more informative and visually enhanced you can use charts and graphs. In-depth analysis allows you to understand the purchasing habits of your customers and make relevant changes to your sales tactics.
Another advanced usage of the Odoo spreadsheet is that you can keep track of the actual procedures of your sales and accounting section. Both are extremely useful data-rich modules and it is imperative that you should go through them each and every day and spreadsheet presents data to its most explicit detail and in a single glance, you can understand what every data represents and plan your data management accordingly. In the inventory module the spreadsheet grants you access to the exact data regarding inventory and sales procedures. As the two data are combined together and separated in a spreadsheet you can easily go through the data and how your sales team is dealing with the inventory module. The spreadsheet is highly integrated into the Sales and Inventory module and is designed to work seamlessly between the two modules of Odoo. Integration is necessary for easy user access in Odoo and it will make your work more efficient and time-saving.
Odoo spreadsheet has much more to offer compared to the traditional. It has such a wide potential area for growth in data representation and it has the ability to generate and store data more efficiently. The Only thing that you have to learn and get used to is the preset formulas;  Mastering these formulas will make your work-life with spreadsheets more active and effective. All of these factors make Spreadsheet a prominent business resource. The advanced features and tools of the Odoo Spreadsheet will allow you to make data analysis clear and accurate.
The highly integrated nature of the spreadsheet allows you to have complete freedom over the data management of a particular module and you can easily go through them any time you want. You can easily edit and manage your data by analyzing the intricate data produced by the Modules by going through them as presented in the spreadsheet effortlessly. You can add filters and group them and customize the data in any way you want for easy data analysis and management. Odoo spreadsheet is much more than a typical data entry system, mastering a Spreadsheet in its true form and sense can make it an effective tool for your business. And with the advanced usage of spreadsheets, you can predict the future of your business or a particular section under your business by the in-depth analysis of the Odoo spreadsheet. With the automated functionality of the Spreadsheet, you won't miss a single piece of data that your modules generate.

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