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By: Cybrosys Technologies

How well is Odoo being used in your company post-implementation?

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Odoo is the complete business management solution for any form of organization as it is a one-stop solution for them. Today there are over 5 million Odoo users all across the world from different sectors of industries, scales, and types functioning their organizations with Odoo. The modular structure which provides the dedicated module for the business operations along with the centralized approach to inventory as well as the database operations has paved the way for the huge success of the ERP. In addition, the continuing and constant support from the Odoo community has also attracted many users to function with Odoo as the Odoo developers, partners, and consultants are providing greater insight into functioning with Odoo helping the organization to be more efficient in their operations with the platform. 
The Odoo ERP implementation is one of the agile processes but requires quite a lot of planning and development. Moreover, with the right implementation partner and insight into your company's operations, the chances of the ERP implementation failing are high. Today there are various Odoo piranhas and service providers available to you from which you can choose the best Odoo implementation partners available. Half of the process is successful at the minute you choose the right implementation partner with the rightful experience, skills, capability as a successful history functioning in your form sector of business. Cybrosys Technologies is one of the leading gold partners of Odoo who has been recognized as the best by the Odoo itself based on the contribution to the Odoo users as well as the Odoo community.
So the question that arises is that although Odoo is one of the best ERP software and its implementation can bring many advantages for the functioning of your company has it been utilized to the fullest in your organization. In most of the aspects, the management will have implemented the software and will not have looked back at it to measure the efficiency. It might be proving their company with major profit as well as productivity gains but it can be improved more by undertaking the functionality that the platform functions in.
This blog will provide you insight on how to understand the usage of the Odoo and analyze whether it's been used to the best of its capabilities in your organization.
In certain aspects the functionality of the companies will be depleted with the usage of Odoo as a management tool this is because they will not be following the best practices to run the operations as mentioned by the Odoo and its implementation partners. Furthermore, the employees will be using shortcut ways and run the functions in the ways and with tools that they prefer even after the Odoo implementation. Here are the certain aspects that you should consider analyzing to understand the efficiency of Odoo being used in your company functions.
Analyze how Odoo is used in your company
You might have installed Odoo for a losing time and the employees will be knowing all the ins and outs of the software by now (a minority of them I  would say) therefore, you should ensure that are they being functioning in the right way and as per the instructions and the best practices defined by the Odoo implementation partner. Moreover, they will be performing certain malpractices and will not be using Odoo for certain aspects even if the platform has certain functional tools for it.
Furthermore, as Odoo releases a new version almost every year now it's better that you migrate to the newer version every three years as it will improve your functioning as well as the productivity aspects. Moreover, the processing speed and the functional features will be added to each new version.
Do inside marketing for Odoo and conduct periodic training
As the Odoo is a management software design and developed for all the departments of the company to function under one label with the same set of tools most the employees will not be aware of the options and features available. Therefore, you should spread the word about Odoo and its features. Moreover, training sessions, as well as seminars on Odoo with the help of resource persons from the Odoo community, will be beneficial.
The conduction of periodic training should be ensured and drafted because the employee will be lacking information about the capabilities of Odoo. In addition, they will have forgotten about the older features which might be beneficial. Moreover, with the introduction of the new version a training on it is necessary for the employees of your company to know about the new feature and functional tools of it.
Is your Odoo partner supporting you
You might have implemented the Odoo platform from one of the Odoo partners and they might not be looking back at your operation's needs and will not be supporting you at the required times, this is the quality of a bad Odoo service provider. The best Odoo partners will be there for your Odoo requirements and will provide you with constant support and training at the required times. Moreover, they will do the maintenance operations as per the request. The migration operation to the new version as well as the addition of the new add ons as well as the needed Odoo apps will be done by the partner.
Cybrosys Technologies is one of the best Odoo gold partners available who will provide you with a hassle-free Odoo implementation service based on your company's operational demands. Moreover, we will be there to support you throughout the time you function with Odoo.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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