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By: Evin Davis

Lead Generation the Best Feature of Odoo CRM

Functional Odoo 14 CRM

Leads and business opportunity creation and generation are one of the key aspects which will make the companies and establishments move forward. As today the competition in the markets is so high that the new ones are blooming every day and each establishment should compete with newer strategies and functional tools to excellence. Today the organization which brings in more customers and has a large customer base is the winner of the market even if the product quality is lower compared to premium companies that do not have a larger clientele. Therefore, the organization must be spending its time and resources on lead generation more.
The lead generation operations can be aligned with the marketing and promotional campaigns organized in operations. Moreover, the lead generation aspects should be functioning from all the functional areas of the company such as the retail, wholesale as well as online sales operation. For the management of all these operations from all the sectors of the company operation you should be having dedicated tools with functional options and management. Enterprise and resource planning solutions, as well as Customer relationship management tools, have provided us with this independently. Moreover, there was no such tool available that could run both operations effectively from the same platform until the establishment of advanced ERP software such as Odoo.
Odoo is an ERP software that comes with a dedicated CRM module that is built to run the Customer relationship management operations. Today the Odoo CRM is found to be more beneficial than using various other CRM tools. Read the following blog where I have compared the Odoo CRM with that of the dedicated CRM software:
With the Odoo CRM, you will be able to run the lead generation aspects with ease and management operations with the help of various functions as well as operations all options available in the CRM module. Here are certain aspects of why Odoo lead generation is a beneficial tool for a business and why it is considered the best feature of Odoo CRM.
Lead generation from all aspects 
The leads can be generated from the various aspects of the company's operations. As the CRM module has direct integration with the website module the web page visitors can be aliased and added as leads based on the potential customers. Moreover, customer lists can be generated based on the marketing as well as the promotional campaigns which are described to be operations with the help of marketing tools of the Odoo.
In addition, the people participating in an event conducted by the company can be also drafted as leads based on the participant list in pursuing them to be potential customers. Furthermore, the website visitors who fill out the contact form as well as indulge with the live chat functionality can also be considered as leads and use the various functional options which can be enabled and configured where these contacts are described as leads. 
Additionally, the customers who have contacted the company via email can be considered as leads. The contacts can be auto-converted into leads upon enabling the respective option. This will be a beneficial tool for the establishments which receive a bunch of emails from the customer regarding the products and services.
Lead enrichment functionality
At certain instances, the leads which are acquired will not be having sufficient contact information which will allow you to pursue since these leads may have been acquired from the certain marketing campaigns, product exhibition or any situations where the customers were only asked to provide in the contact name as well as the email address. In this instance, you will be lacking the information to pursue this lead without antsy contact information. The Odoo has a lead enrichment tool that will search about the lead in social media platforms, external websites, and all the records available online.
Furthermore, the lead enrichment can be enabled to run automatically or can be enriched manually upon need. Anyway, you would require to spend credits to enrich each lead. The credits can be purchased from the official website of Odoo or you can select the buy credits option available in the Lead enrichments menu of the Odoo platform. 
What to do after the lead acquirement and enrichment?
Once the leads are acquired directly or through enrichment you will have to pursue the leads to turn them into business opportunities. The Odoo platform allows you to configure various activities for the lead follow-up operations of the companies. You can schedule activities such as meetings, email, calls or meet them in person using the appointments. These activities are scheduled directly from the calendar and based on the records described over there. Furthermore, you can also configure the next activities to be auto-scheduled. Let's now look at certain other benefits of using the Odoo CRM tool for your customer relationship management operations of the company.
Benefits of using Odoo CRM:
Here are the certain benefits of using the Odoo CRM for your company operations:
> A user-Friendly and adaptable interface makes the function run with ease.
> Lead tracking
> Lead prioritization
> Quantitative as well as analytical reporting
> Activity management
> Detailed logs on each lead and activities which are being described.
> Generate sales quotations directly.
> Compatible to be run on remote devices.

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