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By: Sumaiba

Important Features of Time Off Management in Odoo 14

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Leave management is one of the most important tasks in the case of any organization. Unless the leave of your employees or staff is not properly managed, the working condition of your employees and your business is always going messy. 

In Odoo, you have the solution for managing the leave of your employees. The platform provides you a separate Time Off module for leave management. This module will be a great support for the HR department in executing their employee leave management in a most prominent way. 

With the help of the Odoo Time Off module, each employee in your organization can create a request for leave that is later approved by the manager or the concerned authority. It is also possible for the manager to create leaves for employees based on their requests. This platform provides you the provision to manage both employee’s vacations and absences. There is no doubt that the simple, and user-friendly module will make a very good impact on your business.

In this blog, we can discuss some of the important features of the Time-Off module.

Home Dashboard

The Home dashboard of the Time Off module is designed in a way to easily manage the time off requests and from the dashboard itself the employee can manage their own leave requests and many more aspects. The image of the Home dashboard window is depicted below. 


The Home dashboard window can also be viewed in Calendar, List, and Activity views. The above figure represents the Calendar view of the home dashboard. In the window, you also have the provision to view the previous and next months along with the current month. In addition, the window allows you to view the Day, Week, Month, and Year with just a single click. Besides, the new time off and new allocation can be created from the dashboard itself by selecting the NEW TIME OFF and NEW ALLOCATION available in the window. It is also possible to create a time off request by directly selecting the date required.


If you are selecting the required date in the calendar, you will be depicted with a pop-up window where you can provide the required details. These time-off requests can be mentioned in a different color format based upon the Time Off Type on the right top corner of the window, you have the option for favorite Search.

Monitor employee leaves

The Odoo platform assists you to keep track of all the leave days which were taken by your employees. So you can reduce the stress and the unscheduled day-offs. The platform allows you to enter the employee’s request for their leaves and at the same time, the responsible authority or manager can approve and validate the leave requests. All these tasks will be confusing when the Organization manages manually without having time Off management tools like Odoo. By using the Odoo Time Off module, you can organize all the procedures regarding leave management with few clicks.  

The managers can easily get an overview of all the leaves taken by each of the employees separately by accessing the Time Off menu available.


In this All-Time Off window, all the leaves taken by your employee are described along with the details of each Employee name, Time Off Type, Description on the leave, Start date, End date, Duration, and the Current Status of the leave. By viewing this window, the manager can easily get an overview of his employee leaves in a single window. In addition, the platform allows you to view the details in different views such as List view, Kanban view, Calendar view, activity, and also Gantt view. 

Manage employee requests with ease

In the Odoo Time Off module, you are able to allow your employees to submit requests themselves in a well-structured time Off requests form. In this form, the employee can provide the Time Off type, Date, Duration, and Description.


Approve or Refuse leave requests

The Odoo Time Off module provides you the provision to approve or refuse the employee requests. This can be done by selecting the Approve or Refuse button available.


Customize the time off duration

In this Odoo platform, the employee can customize his time off duration. The module allows choosing dates or duration for leave such as full-day, half-day, or even hours that can be chosen if the employee needs a few hours only.


Customize Time Off Type

The Odoo Time Off module allows you to configure different time-off types based on your requirements. It defines the time off Types the employee is taking. It can be paid, unpaid, legal, sick, and many more aspects. The time off type can be configured using the Time Off Type creation window available.


Provides Gantt Chart View

The Gantt chart view available in the platform allows you to visually represent the time off. The Gantt chart view will help you to understand all the leaves at a glance. This chart will include all the leaves, leave durations, leave dates, along with the respective employee. 



The reporting aspects of the module help you to generate reports based on the employee leaves. By using these reports one can easily analyze employee leaves. The reports can be created both in terms of Employee and by Type


The reports can be generated in different measures such as Duration and Count. The dark blue shade will represent the annual time off, the orange shade indicates the sick time off, and the light blue shade marks the compensatory days. 

By viewing these reports on the leaves, you can plan for the next actions to keep your productivity higher. 

This efficient leave management system provides an insight to keep the leave management of an organization in a smooth and efficient way. This module will be beneficial for the employee, employer, HR department, and account management. This module will reduce the workload of the HR departments and the employees can easily send leave requests. They will not be needed to use phone calls or send messages for requesting leave.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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