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By: Amal

Insurance Management System Using Odoo App


Insurance Companies today has to deal with big data each day. So it is important for them to use an ERP to boost their business. Using an ERP will also allow them to search or view records of the insurance policies, claims, agents or customers. It will be easy for the users if the records created is well integrated with other business management process like accounting, CRM, sales or is able to integrate with them.



- Policy Management

- Insurance Management

- Claim Management

- Agent Management

- Customer Management

- Completely automated system.

- Connect With Accounting Module In Odoo


Policy Management

- Lets you creates various types of policies for customers

- Flexibility to create different modes of payments for policies. That is payment can of fixed payment or as installment

- Options to set policy according to its duration.

- The set amount for policy

- Easily adds attachments or notes about the insurance.


Insurance Management

- Select a policy for customer, all details of the policy will be automatically filled

- Easily set start date and end date for the insurance

- Create single or multiple invoice against the insurance according to its policy type

- Option to edit policy's amount

- Option to generate agent commission according to the percentage of insurance amount

- Easily view and manage customer invoice from the same from

- Options to add attachments and notes about the record


Claims Management

- Easily create a claim against an existing insurance.

- Automatic amount calculation from the policy of insurance

- Option to edit the amount manually(if required).

- Create an invoice for the customer.

- Manage created invoice

- Options to add attachments and notes about the claims


Agent Management

- Create and manage records for agents of the company

- Easily create a record of personal data of the agent.

- Records about the payment details of the agent

- View insurance related to the agent.

- Option to create payment to the agent according to a commission from insurance made by him or as fixed payment or both.

- Options to add attachments and notes about the claims


Customer Management

- Create and manage records for customers of the company

- Added kanban view for easy analyze of customer data

- Add personal details of the customer inside their record

- View invoices against the customer easily.

- View total receivable and total payable for each customer

- Options to add attachments and notes about the claims



Insurance management system allows you to create and manage insurance policies and their claims easily. It also helps you to manage agents and customer data. Insurance management system is well integrated with accounting module of Odoo. Also, it is a flexible module for further extension.


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