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By: Evin Davis

Integration Capability of Odoo - The Best Feature of the Platform

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In the real-time operations of software in a business where it's been used for the management and the overall operations, these software solutions cannot function independently, therefore, we make sure that they are configured to function with other tools, third-party solutions, and equipment. This methodology can be defined as the integration of software solutions. In a way, it can be said that we are connecting a different software with an existing software using a specific tool or line of code or vice versa. Moreover, almost a major percentage of business management and operational software solutions support the aspects of the integration with other third-party solutions which will be beneficial in the functioning of the solutions in the real-time environment.

In regards to the business management solutions that are available in the market today, the Enterprise and Resource Planning solutions will pave the way for effective management of the business functioning and tops the market. These are advanced solutions that have numerous types of classifications under them such as OpenSouce and non-OpenSouce, Dedicated ERP and Completed ERP, and many more classifications which all cater to the effective management of the business. Today ERP solutions top the market of the business management solutions in terms of review as well as the money involved in its development. Moreover, with numerous service providers functioning directly as well as indirectly with an ERP it can be said that it's more than a billion-dollar industry.

Odoo is one of the prominent ERP solutions which is being used by businesses all around the world. Developed in the early 2000’s Odoo was initially started as a TinyERP solution that was based on small-scale business solutions. Today Odoo is one of the prominent business management software which is based on an open-source infrastructure and is used by more than 5 million people all around the world. The dedicated infrastructure of Odoo with the modular operational methodology of Odoo is the primary reason for such vast development of Odoo during the short period. Moreover, with a centralized infrastructure of inventory as well as a database of operations the Odoo platform is advanced and provides you with a dedicated control system for your business.

Integration capabilities are one of the advanced features of the Odoo platform allowing the software to closely work parallelly with various third party software solutions as well as other machinery. The integration capabilities of Odoo also aid in the effective management of the business with the dignified tools of operations that will cater to any business. In addition, the integration ability also emphasizes an element of the localization feature where the various tools which are used based on the region of operations are integrated with Odoo; this can be based on the country of operation, business sector, and the methodology of the functioning.

This blog will describe the Integration capabilities of Odoo.

As mentioned earlier Odoo is an advanced business management system that works parallely with the operational operations which will cater to every business and operational need of an organization. Today the integration capabilities are vital for the effective growth of the Odoo business management software which will provide the business with the capability to operate parallelly with the other advanced software which is needed for your business operations. Here are the certain aspects of Integration which can be seen in Odoo an Odoo is capable of;

Odoo eCommerce Integration.

The integration of the Odoo platform with the eCommerce platforms of operations in your company will provide a dedicated model of control as well as monitoring of all the online sales. Moreover, the Odoo Commerce integration will pave the way for effective management of your online store, retail and wholesale operation to be run efficiently.

Shipping Integrations

One of the primary aspects of running an eCommerce operation will be the shipping of the products effectively and in the specified duration. The Odoo integration of your eCommerce platform helps you to connect with various prominent shipping service providers such as DHL, FedEx, USA Post and many more for the logistics aspects of your one store to be run efficiently.

Payment Acquirers

Accepting and receiving the payment for the product and service sales should be conducted with effectiveness with the help of dedicated Payment Acquirers which can be acquired with the Odoo eCommerce integration. These are inbuilt tools of operations that are available in Odoo which will lead to the acceptance of payments for the product sales through the eCommerce platforms.

These are certain of the integration tools which are available built-in the Odoo platform; moreover, than these, you can bring in various other integrations with the help of the dedicated application tools. With the help of a dedicated Odoo partner and service provider, you can bring in new advancements in the aspects of integration. Let's now move on to understand how Cybrosys Technologies, the leading Odoo Gold partner, will be effective in bringing in more integration to your Odoo platform.

How can Cybrosys help support Odoo integration?

Cybrosys Technologies is the leading Odoo gold partner that has been in service for more than 13 years offering support for industries all around the world for different sectors of business operations. With more than 1000+ customers and successful implementation, Cybrosys Technologies tops the list of Odoo partners and service providers that are available.

Cybrosys Technologies supports the aspects of the following integrations for your Odoo platform:

Payment Gateway integration: We are capable of defining the solutions for an effective payment gateway for the functioning of the payments to be delivered in operations. We define the operations for prominent Payment Gateways such as CIMB Bank, IPay88, MyBank, PayPal, Paytrek, Peach Payments, Redsys, Sage Pay, We Pay, MultiSafepay, Paytm, PayTabs, QPay, Wallet Doc, WiPay, Wallee, and many more.

Social media Integration: Social media are the vital form of business operations these days and integrating your business operations with the prominent social media accounts of the company will pave the way for effective operations. We Support the operations of social media integration for Facebook, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Telegram, Twilio, and many more.

SMS Gateway integrations: Text messages help you to communicate between your customers as well as your employees efficiently. Moreover, you can send notifications of the various company operations to be run effectively with integration of providers such as Msg91, Mobily SMS, Twilio SMS, Way2SMS, Bulk SMS, Celcom, Ooredoo, Nalo, ClickSend, and many more.

Furthermore, we support the integration aspects of Docparser and Biometric devices to be integrated with the Odoo platform and the support will be offered based on the needs. You can contact us through info@cybrosys.com

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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