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By: Evin Davis

How to Identify the Right Odoo Partner


The use of business management software solutions has become a widespread aspect in almost all the businesses of operation. Today major positions of the organization across the world functioning with dedicated business management solutions which drive the functional aspects of the entire company to bring in ultimate control and operational capability with dedicated tools, Enterprise, and resource planning solutions are the widely used business management solutions category as they are capable of bringing in advanced methodologies and dedicated business and company operational management. You can find ERP solutions for the management of the entire business, a specific aspect of the business, supporting a specific application and operations, and many more aspects. However, you need to choose the solutions that will cater to your needs.

In most cases, ERP solutions are being used for the management of the entire business operation which provides the users and the management with complete and dedicated controlling tools of operations. Among the ERP solutions that are available the Odoo ERP solutions is one of the best and the most dedicated business management tools that is available. Certain background history on Odoo, developed in the early 2000s as TinyERP was meant to be operational for small and medium scale establishments. Later when further funding and support were received the platform was developed into the Odoo we know ist and the first version Odoo 8 was released in 2013 and from then the new version of the platform has been releasing each year. Today we have Odoo 14 and the Odoo 15 is yet to be released soon in the upcoming Odoo experience event of 2021.

Odoo has been the top business management solution around the ERP market and always will be with the newer advancements and the modifications which are being brought in at every version which is being released. Moreover, it is coined as the most advanced all in one business solutions for any type, form, or scale of business irrespective of the sector and the region of its operation. Today Odoo has over 5 million users all around the world serving over 160+ countries bringing in advance and dedicated business management for the industries. Choosing Odoo has been one of the primary steps that many industries have taken in terms of successful business operations. Today with a large customer base and numerous users Odoo is only able to survive and prosper due to the contributions of its partners and the community.

There are numerous service providers as well as official partners of Odoo who belong to the community offering immense support in the aspects of Odoo development, implementation, integration, migration, and the further aspects of the Odoo platform. However, you should be choosing the right Odoo partner for your Odoo service requirements as without the well qualified and expertise of a dedicated Odoo partner your Odoo platform development as well as the further aspects of its operation will be going on the downhill path. Here we are going to discuss how you can know whether you have chosen the right Odoo Partner?.

Choosing the right service provider in the case of the Odoo development and the further operational aspects of it is vital for the effective and efficient functioning of the platform. As there are numerous partners available at various levels and service providers offering the services on Odoo choosing the right one can be trickier. Here are certain aspects which will ensure that you have chosen the right Odoo partner and these aspects will also help in choosing the right Odoo partner.

Sector of operation

The Odoo implementation can be done in numerous forms and sectors of industries therefore, a partner will be specializing in a certain type of industry of operation. You should always ensure that they are capable of defining the Odoo platform for the specific type of your industry. Moreover, their clientele, as well as successful implementations, will describe the capabilities.

Level of partnership with Odoo

The Odoo offers three levels of partnership Gold being the best of all partners, Silver and Ready partner. Among them, Gold is the best reliable partner to you as they have been recognized by Odoo as the best among them and they have the right expertise in implementing the platform. The silver partners come right under the Gold level partners with capabilities of implementation and they are growing out to be Gold partners. The Ready partners are the ones who have partnered with Odoo in the base level and offer implementation of Odoo and have basic capabilities. Furthermore, there are service providers in Odoo who do not fall into the partner category but offer support, and other functions in Odoo do not have any partner-level certifications which makes them recognizable in the market. You have to choose from all these partners wisely and the Gold partners top them with capabilities and standards of operation.

Odoo community contribution

Odoo community is a group of Odoo lovers where the Odoo partners, consultants, development, and all the supporting staff on the Odoo platform fall into. Bringing a dedicated Odoo partner means they contribute to the Odoo community, uplifting the platform to new levels with Odoo applications, integration tools, blogs, functional technical videos, and many more aspects related to Odoo.

Consider the Cost-effectiveness aspects

In regards to the implementation of business management solutions, you should look out for cost-effective solutions rather than the ones which come in cheap. The cheaper solution will be lower on the initial price but in the long run, they will tend to initiate problems and disrupt the functioning. However, in case of the cost-effective solutions, you will have ample support and the developed platform will be based on a standard that will be sufficient in the operations for the long run.

Maintenance aspects

In real-time operations, there will be instances where the Odoo platform will run into complications and functional errors which are unavoidable therefore there are requirements and maintenance and support required for effective operations. You should also take into consideration the support and maintenance aspects in regards to the Odoo implementation and choosing the Odoo partner.

Number of successful Odoo implementation and the credibility of the development team 

The success rate of the partner can be measured by considering the successful implementation rate in the previous years of operations. Moreover, feedback by the customers will provide an insight into the operational capabilities of each of the Odoo partners which will help decide the capability.

These are certain aspects to be considered in regards to choosing the Odoo partner for the operations of your business with Odoo and the further aspects of implementation, support, maintenance, migration, integration, and many more. Cybrosys Technologies is one of the prominent Gold level partners of Odoo wh has created a label in the Odoo community as the best contributor and numerous successful implementations make us one of the best partners that Odoo ever has and had. In need of Odoo implementation requirements, you can contact us at info@cybrosys.net

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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