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By: Manu menonn

Integration of Sales modules in Odoo 15

Functional Odoo 15 Sales

Sales management is one of the essential functionalities in every business institution. Efficient sales management gives lifeblood to the growth of the company. Sales management is considered a hectic task considering the nature of its importance or relevance in business institutions. The support of an advanced system such as the Odoo sales module is necessary for improving sales management efficiency.

Apart from the Odoo Sales module, there are other modules under the sales category to assist the sales functionalities of business management institutions in the sales module.

This blog talks about the integration of various Sales modules in Odoo.

There are multiple Sales modules in Odoo; Sales, CRM, Point of Sales, Subscriptions, and Rental. These are the modules that support sales operations in odoo.

Sales Module

The Sales module is the primary sales management center for Odoo.


All sales operations can be created and managed from the sales module of Odoo. The sales module is fully integrated with other Sales operations modules in Odoo. The module is highly advanced and will let you manage the sales procedures from a single module, making it easy to manage your sales data more efficiently.

Odoo Invoicing is deeply integrated into the Sales module to let you manage the sales procedures effectively. From creating quotations to invoicing follows the same patterns of standard invoices with additional options concerning the operations that you are carrying out. For example, if you make a quotation, the configuration page will be similar to the invoicing page.


The Sales module has a dedicated To Invoice section for invoice management on the modules dashboard.


Under the To invoice tab, Orders to Invoice and Orders to Sell. Invoicing directly integrates the Accounting module with the Sales module. Invoicing feature is extremely useful with the Odoo sales module and will allow you to manage all of your Invoices and sales quotations from the sales module itself.

Follow the link to know more about the Overview of Odoo 15 Sales module and its features.

Sales activities are scattered across various modules in Odoo. The  Sales, CRM, Point of Sales, Subscriptions, and Rental modules will let you manage all sales activities effortlessly.

CRM module

The CRM module of Odoo is the most advanced client relationship management system globally because of its pipeline structure and easy-to-manage lead management system. The sales module plays a vital role in CRM management. The lead generation feature of the modules is integrated into the sales module to generate the maximum possible leads.


Generated leads are displayed on the dashboard of the modules in the pipeline structure for easy management. Generated sales are the sales that you can manage the process effortlessly for easy management.

The CRM module has a dedicated  Sales tab for you to direct access to essential sales features from the module.


The sales tab of the CRM module holds the sales features that you can access; My pipeline, My Activities, My Quotations, Teams, and Customers. Each option will let you have direct access to manage the respective sales procedures.

For every quotation generated in the sales module, every simple sale is considered possible future leads for the business or the company to follow up on.

The CRM module is highly advanced and is explicitly designed to generate maximum leads for your sales team to follow up on. The module will automatically generate leads from the maximum available sources possible. Every contact with the company from the customers will be treated as a potential lead and send them automated messages on the new product releases and offers for the customers to act upon. Follow the link to know more about the Odoo CRM module and its features.

Point of Sale

Point of Sales is one of the most advanced Sales modules in Odoo that will let you manage Point of sales management procedures effectively.


Efficient PoS management is necessary for preserving a well-managed business system. The module will let you manage multiple stores and cash payments efficiently for easy accessibility and control. The PoS module is an advanced system that will effortlessly allow you to manage various stores and restaurants under your business. Managing the cash registers of numerous companies can be a complex task. The dashboard of the PoS module will let you have direct access to all of your shops, restaurants, and bars at the same with real-time data. 

The PoS module is highly integrated with the Sales module to ensure that you access your orders and sales data for easy management. You can create and manage multiple stores, restaurants, or shops and manage them simultaneously with the PoS module.


Subscription-based companies widely use subscription modules. This means the customers have to subscribe to avail of your services for a certain period. Online streaming and reading platforms are great examples of Subscription-based companies. Odoo has a dedicated module under the Sales category of modules for subscription management named Subscription module.

The module is fully integrated with the Sales and the Accounting modules for easy data management and usage. Odoo allows you to create subscriptions as products, letting you sell subscriptions as ‘subscription products’.


You can manage all of the subscriptions from the modules' dashboard and all under a single database, as shown in the image given above. The subscriptions module is integrated with the Sales module because the subscription is managed as sales data and product selling data in odoo.

It is extremely easy to Create and manage Subscriptions with the Odoo 15 Subscription module of odoo. You can instantly create subscriptions from the module's dashboard by clicking on the CREATE button.


You can create a new subscription from this page. To know more about creating subscriptions via the module

Every module in Odoo is highly integrated to generate maximum efficiency and let you have maximum user-friendliness and module accessibility. Modules designed to meet similar requirements are fully integrated for easy data management. Complex data will be broken down into simple formats so that you can analyze and manage them efficiently and effortlessly.

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