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By: Sebreesha Sylvia

A Complete Insight into the Odoo 15 CRM

Functional Odoo 15 CRM

CRM- Customer Relationship Management includes all the technologies, strategies, tools, and techniques employed by the enterprise to maintain, develop and gain customers and clients. It is very important to make sure that every interaction done with the customer is effective so that it reflects in the overall profits of the business. CRM gathers the data of the customers and stores the details of every activity done between the customer and company. This account of history will help in building a better customer relationship in the future. Even the personal information, purchase behavior pattern, sales, and purchase history is saved. It is essential to optimize the operating processes, making benefits from customer relationships or sales leads in order to have growth opportunities. This might not be successful without effective and integrated CRM. 

CRM ensures a good and productive relationship with customers, suppliers, and associates. New customers can be found easily with effective CRM and also can maintain them with proper support, trust, and additional services. Any unit of the organization can benefit from a CRM system, be it the sales or the business development or marketing department. The external relationship of the business can also be managed with CRM.

Easy access to the collected data is another feature of having a CRM. This helps in eradicating delays in the plans and also helps in making future projects with the stored data. With an increase in the competition, Odoo CRM can be used by businesses regardless of their size. 

Here, let us check out how Odoo CRM helps you in growing your business with its effectiveness. 

As discussed earlier, CRM is an advanced tool used by companies in maintaining customer relationships. It is important to keep follow-ups on the customer for the growth of the business. With Odoo CRM all the details of the customers along with their contracts are tracked and stored in the database. These details will help in knowing more about the customer, besides that the products and services offered can be tailored according to their needs. Every day leads and activities are recorded in the Odoo CRM so that you don't have to manage them individually and manually. They ensure enriching the customer information, examining them, and delivering the products according to their likes and requirements.

The pipeline option in the Odoo CRM assists you in analyzing the areas where improvement is required. The pipeline details can be viewed in Kanban, List, Graph, or in Activity in the module. This makes analyzing more easier. Different leads are categorized into different sections according to their relationship stage. These stages can be viewed from the dashboard along with opportunity, customer name, and expected revenue with probability percentage. The stages can be customized as per the requirement of the company. 

Generation of leads in Odoo CRM is just a single click away. Earlier the lead generation and its management used to be in two separate departments, but with Odoo CRM the leads can be assigned to the salesperson from the module itself. The leads can be generated from websites and from e-Commerce platforms. Apart from these, leads can also be generated from incoming emails, marketing campaigns, and promotional programs. Odoo CRM has advanced tools on leads that will help in business. These tools help in the management of the leads and also add a good amount of advantage on opportunity generation.

The Lead Mining feature of Odoo helps you to generate leads from the scratch. This mainly helps the newly started companies in generating dependable leads. Finding good reliable leads for the newly started companies can be a task and Odoo CRM through its tools helps in finding leads according to the company requirements. Leads are mined in Odoo CRM directly from the database. Criteria can be set according to the filters provided and this ensures the leads that are suitable for your company interests are generated. This will help in growing the business rapidly with a good number of leads. The traditional method of mining the lead consumes a lot of time and effort. With Odoo CRM you don't have to wait for customers to approach you. Mining leads and turning them into customers is a piece of cake with Odoo CRM. Keeping regular follow-ups of the leads is equally important as mining and generating leads. You can schedule meetings with the leads and provide them with constant information regarding the products and services of the company. Online and offline surveys, video calls, emails, and other activities that maintain better customer relationships can be executed. From the lead’s profile, similar leads can be detected and followed up. 

Odoo CRM generates analytical reports of various operations that take place in the CRM module. The reports of partnership, activities, and pipeline are available and these reports help in forecasting the future dealings with the customer. The forecast reports on upcoming closings, open opportunities, and assigned partners are also available in Odoo CRM reporting. 

The Odoo CRM is directly integrated with other support operations of the enterprise. For example, the Survey module can create and conduct online surveys, these survey reports can be analyzed from the Odoo CRM, and further, due to the integration with the Website model, the result of the survey can be published online through CRM. The customer feedback submitted offline or online about the products and services provided can be analyzed with the help of Odoo CRM. 

Odoo CRM works on a security-fed database, due to this, the chances of losing the information stored are likely low. The accessibility to the collected and generated information is restricted and thus the stored data is safe in Odoo CRM. even the employees are provided with separate login passcodes to ensure the safety of the data saved. 

Odoo CRM has an easy user interface compared to other CRM available in the market. The user can easily navigate through the dashboard and other tools provided by the application. As it operates on a single database, the operations can take place without any delay and lag. Odoo CRM wholly focuses on building a good relationship between customers and the salesperson. Transparency in communication is possible through the application, and customers are the pillar of every business therefore it is important to maintain trust with them. Odoo CRM is the complete solution for building customer relationships.

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