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By: Manu menonn

The Importance of Approvals in Odoo 14

Functional Odoo 14

Approvals are final decisions of the executives or the managers of a business institution on a request from the employees regarding the working of a business institution. Approvals play an important role in Business management. Approval has evolved a lot from its traditional sense, to the modern. With the advancements of the ERP in the business industry, modern applications for management have created wonders, approvals being one of them is considered very effective in almost any industry. Odoo is one of the most widely used ERP in the world. Its ability to carry out operations and customizations to the infinite amount of levels make Odoo an application that any business management would want. Odoo holds the superiority in ERPs because of its open system and advanced user interface. Odoos Approval system has earned many good names in the past mainly due to its ease of usage and the customizations. Being one of the most important features in Odoo, Approvals has access to almost all of the applications in Odoo.

This blog talks about the importance of the Approvals module in Odoo.  

Why should you have the Odoo Approval tool?

Odoo is one of the most powerful ERP tools in the world. Filled with features and customization the software has a lot to offer to the business management. Odoo has applications that are highly sophisticated and can ease out the business management process. It is important to have the Approval application for many reasons, beginning with the usage of the application, it is widely used as an advanced solution for requests and  approval management that usually creates a lot of headaches for big and small business management institutions alike. 

Odoo has a very advanced approval application. It is highly customizable and has the most advanced options that anyone can activate and work on without coding knowledge. The advantages of using such a sophisticated system for business management is infinite. The results such a highly advanced system gives is extraordinary. Approval module in its basic sense is a system that manages employee requests and executive actions to the requests. Approvals work on the basis of a set of rules and regulations that Executives of an organisation or a business institution set up based on the company's policies and ideologies. 

The application behaves like a barrier on employee freedom on important decisions related to business. The application puts up pre-set rules to the employees if they wish to proceed with an action that is unusual to the rules of the company. The application basically allows the executives to set limitations on the employees regarding purchases, sales, manufacturing, business trips and other business requirements. The restrictions are mostly based on money. With the customization option of the Approval application an executive can set the minimum of everything that an employee can order or sell from the company without the consent of the executive, any needs above the minimum requires authorisation from the executive. 

Most of the Applications in Odoo have Approval support and each works in their own unique way. Approvals thus play a vital role in Odoo like in the business. This is another reason for having Odoo Approval tools. The approval tool works seamlessly with other applications and the employee or management can go through the complex approval procedures with ease. The system stores important data regarding employee requests and executive decisions and this will enable the management to assess the documents in the future. The liberty of using an electronic system for approvals is that it will never get destroyed and the information will be stored till the company wishes to clean it and erase it. Over the course of business history companies found it extremely hard to maintain crucial data on  approvals. With the modern solution of Odoo it is  extremely easy to access and check any approval information and other vital information regarding employee requests.  

User friendliness 

Odoo is famous for its user friendliness and the powerful interface. Anyone with basic computer and business term knowledge can operate Odoo with ease. Approval being a part of the Odoo system is user friendly and intelligent at the same time. The complex working process of the Approval application is slimmed down on the user interface, so even if the application is doing an extremely intense task applying the task on to the application is not a difficult Job. The Approval application of the Odoo has pre-installed request options that allows quick access for the employees and executives alike. But what makes it unique is the fact that an employee or the manager can customize it according to a particular requirement of the company.

An employee can make a new request option and has the liberty to select the executives related to the requested field for approvals. And the manager or the executive has the liberty to impose rules and restrictions on the employee for deals that are above a certain limit. The approval application does not demand you to be an expert in computers for this reason. The extreme user friendly nature of the application allows smooth flow of work in any organization. You can edit and create the request and approvals any time till the process of approval finalisation. So if an employee agrees to stay below the limit the executive can revoke the rejection and move forward with the approvals. This is done during extreme scenarios, if the company is going through a tough time the limitation on employee requests is increased and this creates a huddle in the day to day business workings, so Approval application helps the executive to take extreme decisions and with the priority option in the application the employee can select the priority level of the requests and the executive can take decisions based on the priority options in such scenarios. This function is accessible with just a simple click on the priority tab. Most complex business procedures are simplified to the maximum in Odoo with an easy user interface.  

The user friendliness and easy accessibility are the unique features of Approvals in Odoo. Approval application maintains proper workflow and employee to management relationship. And with its easy and unique customization process Odoo Approvals are necessary for any business institution for ensuring a good workflow.

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