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By: Joisey TJ

Invests Your Business With the Odoo ERP on Economic Downturn

Functional Odoo 15 Website&E-commerce

The pandemic expansively affects the world and mainly considers human beings' lives. We expect an economic downturn between 2022-2023 due to the high prices of food, and gas, and the Ukraine war after effects. Running a business with a lower cost was crucial at that time. So, we need to implement ERP software to run the business smoothly. Odoo ERP is an accurate way to implement it in your business during a recession. All your business problems are solved quickly through an effective ERP system. It is easy to enrich operation efficiency by choosing the right ERP system for your entrepreneurship.

This blog gives an idea about investing your business with the Odoo ERP during the Economic downturn.

Odoo ERP is formulated for various business management aspects. Investing in Odoo ERP is more cost-effective rather than other ERPs. Odoo support business to achieve completed growth in 2022 during an economic downturn. Now, we can see the features of investing in the Odoo ERP for your business during an economic downturn.

Why is Odoo ERP best for business?

Each part of business operations caters quickly through the various modules of Odoo ERP. It is an exceptional solution that serves the application-specific needs of a business. The business management of an organization will be accessible by operating Odoo software. In addition, most modules are integrated to manage different functions. It is an outstanding ERP solution with minimal investment for clients or customers.

Odoo provides two versions for users, including Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. Customers can access the Odoo Community edition for free. On the other hand, the Enterprise version contains some packages and deals with different modules. Odoo App store consists of various apps for managing business operations. The customizable and functional aspects of Odoo ERP are acceptable for all business requirements.

Different Modules in Odoo Enterprise for Users

In an economic downturn, you can boost your business by investing in the Enterprise version's Odoo ERP with less cost and comprehensive features. Increased operational efficiency, speed, and compatibility offered by the Odoo Enterprise version. The subscription fees in the enterprise version depend on the number of users and apps. Some of the modules provided in Odoo Enterprise are Sales, CRM, Surveys, Social Marketing, Planning, Rental, and more, as denoted in the screenshot below.


Most of these modules are integrated with various operations in a company. It is easy to lead information exchanges between different companies under your organization.

Integration with Payment Acquirers and Accounting Module

Most companies face difficulties in maintaining accounting management in a company during an economic downturn. With the support of Odoo ERP, you can quickly preserve accounting operations using Odoo 15 Accounting module. Ecommerce operations are linked with the accounting sections of a firm. Using a dedicated Odoo Accounting module, customer invoices for financial and sales aspects of eCommerce operations manage efficiently.

We can balance customer payments using the Payment Acquirers in the Odoo platform. Well-defined configuration options are available in Odoo ERP. Based on a specific region, Odoo supports integrations with other payment acquirers. To run a company's eCommerce operations, the Odoo database's localization feature is beneficial.

Odoo ERP Maintenance & Support

An organization looks for the proper assistance during a recession period to run a business. By imparting an Odoo ERP into your company, you will get the proper guidance from the support team. The constant support of Odoo service partners is available to users by implementing Odoo ERP. Customers get 24 hours support through the Odoo Live chat support or email. It is easy to solve various technical issues in a firm and support customization or documentation using the Odoo ERP.

Users will get different Odoo ERP support packages for company operations management. The minimum support package for Odoo starts from $499 for a month to fifteen incidents through mediums such as Zoom, Whatsapp, and Skype. Other packages for Odoo support started from $799 and $1099 for 30 and 40 incidents.

Odoo Customization

Customization is necessary for business growth during a recession. Installing customizing Odoo ERP into your business makes it easy to enrich collaboration in the work process. Furthermore, the lifespan of business applications increases by using customized ERP solutions. Increased sales and flexibility are available to you with the Odoo customization. Various business needs to be covered by Odoo ERP, such as Human resources, Inventory, CRM, Warehouse, and more.

During an economic downturn, a company can easily develop a user-friendly app for customers and employees with the help of Odoo studio. Users can generate customized apps through the Studio module of the Odoo Enterprise version. We can formulate unique apps with customized advanced screens inside the Odoo Studio module. It automates business workflow and improves productivity.

To Build Websites for your Business using Odoo ERP

Website development for a company is a little bit difficult in an economic downturn. Using ERP support, you can quickly design attractive websites for your company and boost your sales in the market. Odoo Enterprise version consists of a Website module that is helpful for companies to develop websites fastly at any time. You can install the Website app from the Odoo database, as displayed in the screenshot below.


The user did not write any code for building a company website. On the other hand, you can drag the blogs available in the Odoo website builder and create a website efficiently, as denoted in the screenshot below.


It is easy to enhance website functionality through the configuration and style options available in blocks of the Odoo website builder. You can choose a unique style theme to attract more customers to your website with Odoo ERP. A custom shop page to deal with eCommerce aspects generate easily with the Odoo Website module. In a recession period, you can build an attractive shop page of commodities to attract customers. Odoo Website module ensures users process dedicated blog post pages for company procedures. The website builder in Odoo enables your company to widen its products and services to reach customers.

Easy to run Marketing Campaigns with Odoo Social Marketing

One of the complex tasks faced in a recession period for a company is to reach out to customers. Most individuals rely on social media platforms during lockdown time, and it is profitable for business ventures to deal with customers. Odoo Enterprise edition gives various modules such as Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and SMS Marketing to promote your business through social media.


A firm can attract more customers through these social marketing modules of Odoo. It is easy to define coupons on sales through the support of marketing and promotional campaigns on the Odoo platform. Social media platforms play a vital role in business operations, and you can manage it easily using the Odoo ERP.

Better Support for Purchase and Sales of Business

Most companies face challenges in uplifting sales and purchase operations during economic inflation. ERP tool is profitable at that time to boost your business sales management. Odoo Enterprise version provides a Sales module to maintain payment, customer leads, and invoices. You can offer various discounts, coupons, and promotional programs through the support of the Odoo Sales module to attract customers.

Odoo ERP is the best software for your business in an upcoming recession. Invest in Odoo to manage your Sales, Purchases, Accounting, Social Marketing, and more. Odoo website builder is an attractive feature to reach your clients or customers. Apart from these, various advanced features are also available for users and companies by installing an Odoo ERP. Refer to the following blog to know more about Investing in Odoo ERP 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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