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By: Hasna VP

Key Features of Survey Module in Odoo

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Surveys are essential to collect data from various sources to improve productivity, increase sales, reduce costs, and develop the quality of services. Honest feedback and responses from customers and employees in a survey will guide you in decision-making in different areas of business. When it comes to marketing it will help you to find out exactly what consumers want through a set of structured questions with highly specified opinions. Online surveys are an easy way to reach out to them. It is less time-consuming compared to the older way of gathering information through one-to-one interaction.

Depending upon the methodology we choose we can collect data from multiple sources when a person, company, or organization faces a need for information. Feedback gleaned from surveys will help such companies or organizations to examine the requirements and preferences of consumers which allow them to bring changes in their services and processes.  

Surveys are the most reliable method to get honest feedback from our consumers and they will help you to find out where to invest your time for the maximum return on your efforts. Online survey software made this process easier than in the early times. Odoo survey module effectively guides you to collect information about user's satisfaction, expectations, and impression of your products and services so that you can change your marketing strategies accordingly. 

This blog discusses the key features of the survey module in Odoo and how efficiently it allows you to create, run, and analyze different types of surveys.

Help you to create a survey with ease

With the help of the Odoo survey module, a user can create any mode of the survey as per his requirement by mentioning it in the name of the survey. It helps you to keep in touch with the customers of your product and services by asking the right questions in your survey. Creating such surveys in Odoo has become easier now. 

This module is helpful to collect and analyze feedback to see the changing pattern in customer satisfaction and the factors that influence them. Collecting genuine feedback and analyzing them into meaningful information are the biggest challenges in a survey. Odoo survey module will help you to ease these processes without any data loss.


The survey module allows you to customize each question to collect the exact type of responses you are looking for. Users can also add a customized description below the name of the survey to inform the consumers about the need for the survey.

It is easy to customize the survey as per your need by selecting a suitable question format. The way you ask the question is very important in a survey. If you selected in the survey looks less attractive and uninteresting, will refrain from answering. In the survey module that Odoo provides, you can choose the question format suitable for your survey to make it more effective. The 'multiple lines text box' can answer in multiple lines whereas in the 'single-line text box' you have to summarize your answer into a single line. Such several question patterns are available in the Survey module.

This module lets you quickly create questions without confusion and personalize the setting eg; a user can set some mandatory rules for each question if necessary. By enabling the show comment field under the 'Allow Comment' section users can easily collect feedback for the questions. Adding photos to your survey will help you to make it more attractive and stand out from the other surveys. If the survey is to be conducted with a time limit, it's easy to enable the time limit option and describe the time limit.

Test your survey 

Before using it to collect data it is important to test your survey to avoid potential errors. It will help you to identify confusing questions and errors with the survey that might lead them to biased answers. Testing your survey will ensure accuracy in your questionnaire to the target population and alert you to issues that lead to confusion. It tests the correctness of the instructions given in the survey whether all the in the target population are able to follow the details as described.

Once your survey is ready, there is a 'Test' button available to run the testing of the survey. After attending the questions you can submit your answers. The survey module provides an option for us to view our answers. Testing should be performed before starting the actual survey to solve the errors and issues.

Sharing surveys

Once you finish testing the survey there are multiple options to share your survey. You can easily generate a link and post it on your website. Respondents get a better experience by taking the survey on your website rather than opening multiple windows to attend a survey. 

Embedding surveys on your website will help you learn more about your visitors and save the Email address for later use. Through this module, we can send Email invitations to our target audience using the survey link. 

data analysis

The survey module collects responses automatically and synchronizes them with your database. Advanced analyzing options will help you to figure out the general picture from the individual responses. We can see the audience's responses in the answer menu as soon as they are submitted. Information provided from the answers to the survey done by the customers is automatically assigned to the matching envy in the survey module. Based on specific criteria you can filter responses to meet your exact need in the form of online charts, bars, or graphs that provide the most accurate data.

Improving strategies

After analyzing the data gathered from the Odoo survey module you can easily generalize these responses and change the ongoing policies which will help you to improve your business strategies. You can collaborate these data with other Odoo tools. It optimizes the process of collecting insights about employees, consumers, and markets and reduces costs. 

This module allows users to customize a questionnaire to find out what consumers think about their products and services and helps to find out what updates should be necessarily taken by the company to develop their current strategies. Saving feedback automatically in your database in real-time when submitting their answers will reduce the chance of losing data.

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