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Why Choose Odoo For Maintenance Management?

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Maintenance management is a crucial part of any manufacturing or production industry. The maintenance process of machines and other instruments helps the company to maintain and manage its resources efficiently. Proper maintenance management will support the business to reduce cost and improve efficiency. This will support us to ensure the maximum utilisation of the machines and hence the manpower. Besides, maintenance support also offers you assistance for ensuring the quality of the products and improves the safety at the work centres. We can also ensure the protection of the environment as defunct machines are more likely to produce polluting gases.
Odoo Maintenance management tool
Odoo maintenance management assures support for systematising preventive and corrective maintenance operations. This reduces the chances of mechanical failure and thus assures increased productivity.
Odoo is a computerised maintenance management software solution that is best suited for modern business operations. This is the best for the manufacturing industry and Odoo has developed this module in a way that goes well with the manufacturing module.
In this blog, we can take a dig at the key advantages of the Odoo Maintenance Module.
Automate Preventive Maintenance
A crucial task for any industry is to maintain their machines and instruments in operational condition. This can be managed only by assuring regular and efficient preventive maintenance. Odoo Maintenance module is a tool that makes use of the standard statistics and computes the figures to plan the best preventive maintenance schedule for your company. Odoo maintenance makes use of the mean time between failure and the meantime to repair as key indexes and plans the preventive maintenance schedule accordingly. MTBF and MTTR will help the automated system to compute the expected failure date and alerts the users about the details. This helps us to plan preventive maintenance in advance to minimize dependence on corrective maintenance. 
Systematize maintenance requests
Maintenance management has to be made easy and simple so that every user is comfortable to raise maintenance requests and get their machines or devices maintained. Odoo maintenance request is a tool that can help you create the request in a few seconds and monitor the progress of the maintenance request efficiently. The requests as well as the status of the maintenance requests can be viewed using different views available in the maintenance module. We can get the list view, pivot view, calendar view, graph view or Kanban view of the maintenance requests. These Kanban and Calendar views are advanced and more helpful to the users. Besides, we can filter and group the requests based on our preferences using Odoo. We can also track the status of our requests and it is made easy to grasp with Kanban view. 
Guarantees Increased equipment effectiveness
Odoo Maintenance module has been designed to efficiently manage all maintenance operations. With proper planning for maintenance activities and a support system for maintenance management, Odoo maintenance can help us to perform different maintenance related tasks. From the creation of maintenance requests and maintenance team to the resolving of equipment, failure can be coordinated with Odoo. The users of machines can raise requests easily for carrying out preventive or corrective maintenance. The requests can be raised from the work centre system itself and alert the people responsible for managing the tasks. As it is an e-platform, the users are guaranteed quick support from the maintenance team as the downtime is minimal here.
Odoo Maintenance module can offer you the best support enhancing the efficiency of the instruments. Creating and managing equipment categories and maintaining maintenance teams for different operations ensure speedy completion of maintenance tasks. Besides, it guarantees expert support for different types of maintenance work. Odoo Maintenance also supports the user to make subcontractors a part of the maintenance wing. This helps to alert the subcontractors about the issues pertaining to their equipment to get quick support.
User-friendly Dashboard to optimize performance
Like other Odoo Tools Maintenance module also has a user-friendly dashboard that helps us to get a quick glance at the maintenance teams. The tasks allotted to each team and the status of the tasks can also be viewed from here. We can also get a review of the performance of these teams from the dashboard itself. Dashboard of Odoo Maintenance module is also equipped to configure maintenance teams.
However, the highlight of the Odoo Maintenance dashboard is the ability to track the performance of maintenance teams. IT helps the business to plan future operations in a more effective way. 
Odoo provides us statistics like MTBF and MTBR  and these facts help us to schedule preventive maintenance operations in an efficient way. Odoo maintenance is considered the best maintenance management tool for the manufacturing industry with this maintenance scheduling capacity.  
Easy integration
Odoo Maintenance comes fully integrated with Manufacturing, Quality and PLM modules. 
Manufacturing: Odoo maintenance helps the manufacturing industry a great deal. The manufacturing wing can raise maintenance requests at any stage of production and get the support of the maintenance team. The team will also enable you to avoid the wastage of labour hours and materials.
Quality: Quality control is a major task and when checking the quality of the product there could be some issues. Odoo maintenance module helps the quality control system to set the quality control points for the products. It also assures support to raise quality alerts. 
Quality support assures total productive maintenance and hence improves quality. The quality alert will be communicated to the persons responsible in real-time. It will also help to reduce manufacturing downtime.
PLM/Product Lifecycle Management: 
Odoo Maintenance integrated with the PLM tool will help the business to easily manage engineering changes. This will also support planning preventive maintenance and assure quick support for corrective maintenance. 
These are the highlights of the Odoo Maintenance module. This blog has explained to you the benefits of choosing Odoo for maintenance management. This tool can be of help to all those invested in the manufacturing business and are planning ERP implementation. You can contact us for support. Dialling +918606827707 you can get more information on the Odoo maintenance module and how suitable it is for your business operations. Our consultants will be able to help you if you send us your queries to odoo@cybrosys.com

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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