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Repair Management in Odoo Manufacturing

Functional Odoo 14 Manufacturing

The Repair Module designed by Odoo can be easily integrated with the manufacturing module. This can also be integrated with the inventory module. We can use Odoo Repair with the inventory application in order to repair and manage the products stored in the inventory. The products may have to be stored in the inventory for a long period and then it may experience some technical issues or wear and tear. In such situations, we can use the integrated repair application for carrying out the repair work. 
When it comes to the manufacturing module we can find the options to repair the product within the manufacturing module. Usually repairing service is offered to products which have a warranty. Repair service is usually offered to the customers after the purchase of the product. However, the manufacturers can also avail the repair service for improved operations.
Both these manufacturing and inventory systems work in close coordination with the repair module to ensure that each and every product manufactured and stored in the inventory reaches the customer without any damages. Thus we can integrate the repair module to carry out necessary repair work ahead of the sale of the product.
How to use the Repair module for manufacturing operations?
The Repair module which is integrated with the manufacturing module will enable the users to gather the details about the damaged products. This process can be carried out after a quality check. Because while performing quality check the products will be categorized into fully functional and damaged. While some of the products will be sent directly to the inventory if they pass the quality test, other products will be categorized as damaged products or scraps. 
In a manufacturing industry, damaged products will be repaired. Scraps on the other hand will either be unassembled to make use of some of the parts or scrapped completely.
The Repair module integration will help your business to carry out the repair work of the damaged products and prevent the wastage of money. Timely repair of manufactured products will help the business. Let us see how to make use of Odoo Repair Module to manage Manufacturing operations.
To make use of this facility we will have to install the Odoo Repair module from the Odoo App store.
Opening the Repair module we can find out the details of repair orders. This includes the details of repair reference, product to repair, customer details, delivery address, warranty expiration, company name, the status of repair work, etc. We can also access details like quantity, unit of measures, responsible person, location etc also from this page. 
A user or a person who handles the quality of the manufactured products can create a repair order using this feature. We can use the Create tab and then fill in the product details to go ahead with the repair of the product.
This form is used for the repair of the product for the manufacturer and for the customer. We can check the facts to be kept in mind while filling in this form.
Repair Reference: First we have to add a reference number to manage the operation and track the operation
Product to Repair: The name of the product that you want to repair has to be added here
Product Quantity: The number of items that need repair.
Lot/Serial number: As a manufacturer, we can add the lot and serial number for reference and tracking support
Customer: This field is commonly used if we carry out repair work for external customers. 
Delivery Address: This also becomes relevant if the customer is any external buyer. 
Location: Location can be the inventory where the damaged products are stored
Company: Name of the business
Warranty expiration: We can select the date to make it more convenient.
Invoice Method: We can keep it as no invoice here. 
Tags: Adding tags make our order more specific    
Our next task is to add the details of the parts which have to be replaced while carrying out the repair operations.
Below the parts tab, we can select the part which we want to replace. Here, there was some issue with the leg of by meeting table and hence I selected Table Leg. I have also chosen screws to replace the leg. We can also add Lot/Serial number of the part and then add the source location and destination location. We also have fields to provide the quantity of the product. Then we have a column to provide the unit price for the part and the taxes for the part. We can also find out the subtotal along with the total.
Now, let us save the changes. The next step is to confirm the repair order. We can confirm it by clicking on the Confirm tab.
In the next step, we can start repairing.
The option we have now is to Cancel the Repair. 
On completion of the repair, we can End the repair.
Once the End Repair option is enabled the status of the order changes to Repaired.
We can now go back to Repair Orders. Here we can find the repair order.
Group by
In the Repair Order page, we can group the repair orders by Customer, product, status, warranty expiration, company etc.
We can also use the filter feature to manage the operation. We can filter the repair orders by Quotations, Confirmed, Ready to Repair, Invoiced and based on created on date
This is how we can manage Repair Orders in Odoo 14 Manufacturing. This way we can ensure that all the manufactured products function in a proper way. We can also guarantee that the products are manufactured and stored by ensuring the quality of the product.
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