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Managing Maintenance Request with Odoo

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In a company or an industry, every process requires a formal communication system. If it is related to maintenance management the person using the equipment or the manager of the department should raise a maintenance request in a formal way alerting the maintenance management wing to get the maintenance work done. 
Odoo offers you quick support to raise maintenance requests. It is not a complicated process to submit maintenance requests with Odoo. As mentioned earlier, Odoo maintenance is one of the most user-friendly tools and so is the maintenance request raising function of the tool. 
Odoo has a system that will help you to complete all your tasks in a quick and efficient way. This open-source software solution also enables you to manage the operations in a timely and transparent manner. What Odoo offers is something user-friendly. As Odoo is a frequently updated software tool, maintenance management and maintenance request creation are also likely to get enhanced with time. 
In this blog, we can check the method to create and manage maintenance requests with Odoo. We can also discuss the benefits of Odoo for maintenance request management.
How to Create Maintenance Requests?
Once we complete the installation of the Odoo Maintenance Module, we can go straight into the Maintenance module and find a menu named Maintenance.
This page gives us the details of all maintenance requests created so far.On this page, we can use the CREATE tab for creating the maintenance request.
The above-given image shows us how a maintenance request form looks like. 
This form can be used to mention our maintenance requirements and information.
We can first have a glance at the fields provided on this page.
Title: The request name can be added in this field so that the maintenance team can easily identify the content of the request.
Created By: This field can be used by the team members to mention the person who is creating the maintenance request
Equipment: A company may be using different types of equipment and we have to specify the equipment type here
Request Date: We have to mention the date on which the request is raised for easily tracking the maintenance record.
Maintenance Type: This is a very important field and we have two options to choose from. We can either click Corrective or Preventive. This one has to be done based on the requirement. We can check what preventive and corrective maintenance are.
Corrective Maintenance: This type of maintenance activity is initiated when the equipment experiences any technical issues. The corrective maintenance aims to correct defunct equipment. Corrective maintenance is unplanned maintenance operations requiring emergency attention of the maintenance team.
Preventive Maintenance: This can be considered a planned or scheduled maintenance operation. Preventive maintenance is carried out to avoid mechanical failure. This aims at avoiding damage to the machine. It will also help us to maximize the life of the equipment.
Manufacturing Order: We can add the manufacturing Order detail here. This comes to help to alert the maintenance team about the manufacturing process progressing with the support of the equipment.
Team: This is a field where we can mention the name of the maintenance team that will be entrusted with the task. There will be more than one maintenance team in the manufacturing industry and we can choose the corresponding team.
Responsible: Even after choosing a maintenance team we have to make a person responsible for carrying out the operations.
Scheduled date: We can schedule a maintenance date from here also by choosing a date. 
Priority: We can set the priority based on the emergency 
Company: This is the field to add the company name. This becomes crucial when we subcontract the work or seek the support of the equipment manufacturers for the work.
To show you how to fill in the form we have filled up the maintenance request form and it is given above. 
Now we can Save the request.
On saving we get it like this.
On returning back to the Maintenance Request Page we can find the request there
The request is now in the New Request stage. 
Then when the maintenance team starts their work the request will be shifted to In Progress stage.
Suppose the equipment is repaired, then the request status will be shown as Repaired.
In the same way, if the equipment cannot be repaired and the product is scrapped we can find the status as Scrap
We are able to track the status of the request from the moment of creating the request. This is a simple process. 
Besides, Odoo maintenance management also supports us to manage maintenance teams and track their operations in a systematic way. Transparent operations are a major highlight of Odoo applications and it helps the investors to track the performance of their employees. 
This way we can easily create maintenance requests and manage the request.
Benefits of Odoo Maintenance Requests 
1. Odoo Maintenance request support ensures a user-friendly mode of operation for all the users. 
2. Even an untrained employee can make use of this tool to raise maintenance request
3. We need only basic details to complete the request creation feature
4. Odoo offers scheduling support in the maintenance request form itself.
5. It allows us to choose between preventive and corrective maintenance
6. Enables to choose the right persons for managing the task
7. Assures timely completion of the maintenance task
8. We can also track the progress of the maintenance operations
9. The Kanban view of the maintenance request supports the users to get a glimpse of the request without any difficulty.
10. We can manage different stages of maintenance management with Odoo
11. It supports the management of different maintenance teams
Odoo Maintenance Module, as discussed, is an important part of any business, especially the manufacturing business. It can be used to raise maintenance requests even amidst the manufacturing process if the machine encounters any technical issues. The tool is so easy to use that a worker at the work center can also raise requests for maintenance without much struggle. 
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