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Invoice Management Using Odoo Repair

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Product repair and maintenance are two unavoidable tasks while dealing with different types of products that can be used for a longer period. Repair is applicable for many products including electronic goods, machines, electrical appliances, furniture, automobiles, etc. Different industries run different systems for managing repair-related operations. 

Odoo Repair is a module that has been developed by Team Odoo aiming to extend support to all types of industries engaging in repair management of their products. This tool supports the user or the industry to streamline all repair activities with ease. A user can list out all the repair requests and generate repair orders with Odoo Repair. Another highlight of Odoo is that Odoo Repair can be integrated with other Odoo modules for supporting repair activities at different stages. 

Benefits of Invoice Manage System

Supports online invoice payments

ERP-assisted invoice management will help the business as well as the customer. This will assure support for online payment of the charges and enable the customer to purchase products or get their products repaired by making payments using the online gateways. 

Quick transaction and support: ERP-generated invoices will land in the email of the customer and the customer can make the payment immediately. This helps the quick completion of the works and assures support for completing payment 24/7. 

Ease of handling cash flow: As invoice management is directly linked to accounting operations, all types of business operations can depend on ERP assisted invoice system for ensuring transparency in accounting operations. This also helps the business to manage the journals and bank accounts without much struggle.

Invoice and Repair

As repair is a process that is done mostly after the completion of the sale operations, we have to generate invoices for the repair activity. Before discussing invoicing we can find out why we need an invoice for the repair. Once a product is sold, a manufacturer or vendor may want to offer service or repair support to the customer. For some products, the company may be offering a warranty and for some other products, there may not be any warranty. In other words, a product will have free service for a certain period and paid service for the remaining period. If the product is in a free service period we will not have to generate an invoice and if it is in paid service period we will have to generate an invoice. 

In the same way, we have to find out the time when the invoice has to be generated. It is important in the repair process as repair may sometimes involve the purchase of parts. The repair charges may vary and the customer may be unaware of it. If the product repair requires the replacement of parts it would be better to alert the customer about the price of the parts and the repair charges in advance. In such a situation we can generate the invoice in advance using an ERP tool like Odoo. On the other hand, we can generate an invoice after the completion of the repair work also. 

A major highlight of the Odoo Repair module is the support that it offers to a company for generating repair invoices. By selecting the invoice method from the list the user can generate and manage the invoice and complete the payment collection procedure without any difficulty.

Now, we can examine the details of invoicing methods in Odoo Repair.

In this blog, we can check how Odoo Repair is suitable to ensure customer satisfaction when it comes to the generation of invoices. We can also discuss the benefits of using different invoicing methods and how payments are collected with these invoicing methods. 

The Odoo Repair module enables us to generate invoices during the preparation of the repair orders.  We can complete this task easily by going to the Odoo Repair Module. On the opening page itself, we can create new repair orders.

Let us have a quick glance at the filling of the Repair order page before going to the invoice method.


First, we have to give a repair reference followed by product detail and quantity. The customer details, delivery address to which the repaired product has to be delivered and the person responsible for carrying out the repair task will also be updated here. The location company details and warranty details are other information required for this form. Then comes our Invoice Method

Different Types of Invoice Methods

In Odoo there are three types of invoice methods. They are

> Before Repair

> After Repair

> No Invoice

Before Repair 

First, we can check how the Before Repair invoice method works


Here we have selected Before Repair. Then we can add other details like invoicing address, price list, and tags. Now we can use the Confirm Repair button.


As we have selected the method as Before Repair we get the Create Invoice option immediately after clicking Confirm Repair.


The invoice has been created and is stored in the Invoices folder. Click open the folder to see the invoice


We can find the invoice in the draft stage and when we use the Confirm tab it will be confirmed and posted.


We can now Register Payments.

Then the invoice becomes Inpayment


After Repair

Let us check what happens if we choose the Invoice method as After Repair.


In this case, also we can Confirm Repair after filling the forms.

Here, instead of Create Invoice as in the Before Repair method, we get the Start Repair option.


Here the product is Under Repair and we have an End Repair button to end the process.

Let us use this button.


As we have used End Repair,  we got the option Create Invoice. The status also changes to To Be Invoiced.

The other steps are the same as in the Before Repair method.

No Invoice

Now is the time to create a repair order with no invoice.


I have selected the No Invoice method here and am going to Confirm Repair.


We have got the Start Repair option. Now we can check what happens by clicking this option.

We have got the End Repair tab as in the After Repair option.

But in the next stage, we cannot see the option to Create an Invoice.


Here, we don’t have an Invoice Creation button.

We have explained invoice methods in Odoo repair in detail. You can approach us with your doubts by dialing +918606827707 or by sending your doubts to odoo@cybrosys.com

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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