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How to Manage Maintenance Teams with Odoo


A group of maintenance experts who are part of an organization or work for the manufacturers of different equipment can be termed as a maintenance team. The support of a maintenance team is essential for the smooth operation of a manufacturing industry. In an industry there will be different types of machines and other equipment for the smooth management of the business.
For example, if you are running a textile Industry, namely Cybrosys, we will have to use looms, sewing machines, dying instruments and a number of other machines for the manufacturing process. Besides, we will have to depend on a set of computers and related devices for coordinating the operations in the industry.
In such a situation, the business will have to manage and maintain different equipment categories in a systematic manner. Here comes the significance of managing maintenance teams. In a large industry, where we use different categories of equipment, we will have to manage different maintenance teams also.
Odoo is an ultimate solution for your maintenance team management worries. With this software tool, that provides you with an open platform to handle all business related tasks; we can manage maintenance teams and assess their performances. We can use the maintenance module of Odoo for managing this task. Here, Odoo helps us to configure maintenance teams, entrust them with different tasks and review their performances.
This blog can be used to know how to use Odoo 14 for maintenance team management. 
Odoo Maintenance Module is a module that can be fully integrated with Odoo manufacturing module. Hence, we can consider this as a tool that works in sync with the manufacturing module. After installing Odoo Maintenance we can move on to the Configuration menu.
This is the Maintenance dashboard. We can find the details of all already constituted maintenance teams here. Before checking these teams we can first learn how to configure a new team using the configuration menu.
Configure Maintenance Team
This is the configuration page and we can create a new team simply by clicking on the create button. Then we will get one more line where we can add the new team.
Once we Save the changes a new team can be found in the list.
After this we can return to the Dashboard to check the teams.
Here we can find teams including emergency maintenance team, internal maintenance team, subcontract, computer accessories etc.
We can find the list of ‘to do’ tasks below each team name. We can also find the scheduled maintenance works along the team details. 
Maintenance Team management
On the dashboard, when we click on the three dots next to the maintenance team details, we can find the status of the requests and the performance of the team. Besides, we can also configure new teams from here. 
In the Setting option we can find three segments namely Requests, Reporting and Configuration.
Below Requests we can find a few more segments including All, To Do, In Progress and Done.
This will help the maintenance team to have a glance at the maintenance requests and view the status of the requests.
All: This will show us all the maintenance requests allotted to the particular maintenance team
To Do: The maintenance requests which are yet to be started
In Progress: This will help us to view all the maintenance works which are in progress.
Done: Here we can find all the completed maintenance requests
Reporting section helps us to review the performance of the maintenance team. On opening this we will be able to view the total number of requests in progress, equipment repaired, scrap and new requests. 
Earlier we configured a new maintenance team using the Configuration menu. However, we can do the same from here also by clicking the Configuration option.
Benefits of Maintenance Team Management
A maintenance team will help you to manage all types of maintenance related operations with ease. The team can support the business to ensure the fitness of different equipment categories. The maintenance team will be responsible to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance in an industry.
Now we can check the major benefits of constituting a maintenance team

1. Systematize maintenance operations
A maintenance team will help the company to manage all maintenance related activities in a systematic way. The team will assure support to clear all maintenance requests on the basis of the emergency or priority of the request. It will help to list out and schedule different maintenance tasks and manage the tasks without missing out the tasks. As all To Do tasks will be listed out in the Odoo Maintenance Team view the team members are sure to notice all maintenance requests and complete the repair work.
2. Support maintenance planning
In a manufacturing industry there should be proper planning to carry out the maintenance operations. That means, all preventive maintenance have to be scheduled properly and all managed in a timely manner. The scheduled time has to be followed strictly. The maintenance teams will be able to manage this efficiently as the maintenance calendar will display all the scheduled maintenance operations helping to plan efficiently.
3. Ensure productivity
An efficient maintenance team will be able to operate in an exceptional way to settle all repair related operations. We can manage different tasks in a planned way and hence plan the maintenance work in a way that the productive hours are not affected. For Example, if we are carrying out preventive maintenance, an efficient team will make sure that the work is done during unproductive hours so that the work centre is utilised to its maximum during productive hours. The same way a maintenance team will be able to offer quick corrective maintenance support to minimize productivity loss.
4. Improved efficiency of equipment
The maintenance team is capable of carrying out regular check-ups of the equipment categories so that the machines do not encounter any technical failures. A team can develop and implement the most efficient preventive maintenance scheme for the company. Besides, it can support your business to fix all equipment related issues and minimize the scrapping of equipment.

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