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By: Sebreesha Sylvia

Lead Generation in Odoo 15 CRM

Functional Odoo 15 CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) manages all the relationships and interactions that your company has with customers. The main focus of CRM is to develop and enhance business relationships. They help you to stay in constant contact with the customers and thus ensure a rise in the profitability of your business. 

External interactions and relationships can be properly managed by different departments like sales, marketing, and business development in an effective way with CRM. It saves the details of the customers, their contact information, purchase records and helps in analyzing the sales opportunities and campaigns that can be used to turn the lead into a potential customer. Retaining the customers is also as important as making new customers. Therefore it is necessary to be in contact with the customers and maintain them in the company. 

The salesperson by getting visibility into the track of the lead can plan strategies to convert the lead and to increase sales. The likes and needs of the customer can be recorded with activities and campaigns which helps in determining the product and services they wish to have from the company. With this the customer will be satisfied and will recommend your company to others, gradually increasing the company’s profit. 

Odoo ERP comes with a CRM tool that will manage your relationship with customers in an efficient and effective manner. Rather than using a separate tool for managing customers, Odoo can be employed. Compared with other dedicated CRMs in the market Odoo stands out in performance and productivity. 

Odoo CRM

With Odoo CRM leads can be categorized according to their stages and managed individually. As the module is integrated with other applications of the software, the workflow is not interrupted. Sales team members can analyze their work and the marketing team can foresee the strategies that can be employed to enhance the relationship and retain the customers. With centralized management and networked operations, Odoo CRM has proved to be an ideal tool for customer relationship management. The opportunities of gaining and retaining customers are enhanced with its lead generating, enriching, scoring, and mining options.

Odoo CRM is completely designed for the purpose of increasing customer satisfaction along with the company's profit.  The dashboard of the CRM gives an insight about the position of the company in terms of its relationship with leads. By analyzing the categories and the revenue intended to be generated from the stages describes the potentiality of increasing the profits. Another main feature of Odoo CRM is that you can generate different types of reports from the module. Reports of the partnership analysis, pipeline activities, pipeline analysis, forecasting, and dashboard can be easily retrieved from the module. Salespersons can view their activities and pipeline separately and the details of the customers can be viewed using the Odoo CRM module.

Lead Generation

Having leads is the major step in any business process. This will help in determining with whom business should be done and with whom marketing should be continued. In Odoo, leads can be generated from all aspects. As the module is integrated with other modules, the information from the website module can be easily transferred to the CRM as leads. Even the participants of the events that have been conducted by the company are counted as leads. The information of the visitors of the company's website, persons or companies that contact the company through emails and those who participate in the live chat activities on websites are counted and recorded as leads in Odoo CRM. their information is stored and used for follow-ups. 

Odoo’s Lead enrichment helps you to find more details of those leads of which you have a little data at hand. Through lead enrichment, the details of the lead available on online platforms are gathered. You can either enable the lead enrichment process automatically or manually, according to the credits available. Each enrichment needs credits to undergo, which can be brought from Odoo’s official website. 

To generate leads from the Odoo CRM you can click on the GENERATE LEADS button from the CRM dashboard. A form page will be displayed on the screen. You will need to enter details such as the number of Companies or Companies and their contacts that have to be generated, the name of the Countries and States from which companies must be chosen, the type of Industry the generating company should have, whether filtering should be done on the basis of the size of the company and if the filtering should be done based on the size then the number of employees working in the company, name of the Sales Team, name of the Salesperson and Default Tags.  After entering the details you can click on the GENERATE LEADS button. The results will be displayed on the screen.


After acquiring the leads, the company will have to take measurements that will turn their generated leads into potential customers. Odoo CRM helps you in maintaining relationships with the leads by scheduling meetings and sending them quotations. You can plan activities with the leads and inform them about the services and products provided by the company. By taking the client’s interests into account they tend to stick to the company and approve the quotation. The marketing team can come up with strategies that will increase the contact with clients and the Sales team can follow up with these in order to increase the sales orders. 

Odoo CRM is a perfect tool for beginners in the business field for finding new leads and also for well-established companies for retaining their existing clients and growing the number of clients. The systematic and organized methods of CRM ensure profitability and fair treatment of customers. The credits required for generating leads can be easily brought from the Odoo website straight from the CRM module. Apart from all these features, Odoo CRM guarantees that all the data saved in the database is stored safely and without access, the information cannot be viewed. The safety of data generated and collected is ensured in Odoo.

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