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By: Sebreesha Sylvia

An Overview of Odoo 15 Approvals Module

Functional Odoo 15

The work in any organization regardless of the size requires approval from the authority before beginning its implementation. Every activity in the organization, from payments to budgets, requires approval and goes through a series of processes before approval. The process of approval standardizes your organization and also helps to make the business organized. This saves a lot of time and the company will be running in a systematic way. 

Earlier manual records of approvals were maintained in companies. Each approval was manually recorded by the responsible person and employees approached him or her for the approvals every single time. This method of manually recording is tedious and takes a lot of time. This leads to delaying of projects and affects the overall working of the company. Due to all these reasons, companies have shifted to automated approval processes. Companies use software that allows the users to make the approval process less complicated and faster. This software ensures to save time and maximize efficiency. 

Odoo ERP software is the best tool for increasing the efficiency and productivity of your company. The modules of the software are tailored for the benefits and smooth running of the company. Odoo 15 Approvals module focuses on requesting and granting permissions of the requirements submitted by the employees for the company needs. The module ensures uniformity and standardization in sharing the information with employees and the managers responsible for permissions.


In this blog let us have a brief overview of the Odoo 15 Approvals module and the features it has to offer. 

Approvals Module

You can install the Approvals module from Odoo Applications. The dashboard will show you the existing approval types in the system and the number of requests that have to be reviewed by the authority. You can create new approval types from the module according to the requirements. Each approval has different purposes and this must be taken into account while requesting approval. And each approval must be approved by different authorities. Therefore it is necessary to have approval types in the system taking all this into consideration Odoo 15 Approvals has got types of approvals that serve the purpose of a specified category of work.


To create a new approval type you can click on the Configuration tab and select the Approval Types option. The name of existing approval types will be displayed along with the company name. To edit these approval types you can select them and make changes. To create new approval types in the database you can click on the CREATE button. Details such as the name of the Approval Type, name of the Company, Description of the approval type and options that must be included in the type must be entered while creating a new approval type. This will help the approver to examine the request and validate it. The created approval type will be displayed in the dashboard along with the existing types.


With Odoo Approvals it is easy for the employee to request approval. The employee can click on the NEW REQUEST button from the Approval Type. The employee will have to enter the details such as the Approval Subject, name of the Request Owner, Category of the approval, Date, From and To Period, Location, Contact,  Amount if any and Reference. The products that need approval have to be mentioned in the given space along with the Quantity, Unit of Measurement and Description. The description of the request should be added so that the manager responsible for the permission will have a clear understanding of the request. The name and details of the approver responsible must be added in the Approver section of the form. Documents required for approval must be attached with the submission form by clicking on the ATTACH DOCUMENT button. By clicking on the SUBMIT button your request for approval will be made. The stages of the request can be seen at the upper right-hand side of the screen.


Employees can check the status of the requests by clicking on the My Requests option from the My Approvals tab. Approvals To Submit, Submitted, Approved and Refused can be seen in the Kanban view. 

Managers can easily check the requests by clicking on the Manager tab. By opting for Approvals to Review, the approvals that need to be reviewed will be displayed. This includes details such as the Approval Subject, name of the Request Owner, type of the Approval, Next Activity that has to be taken, and the Request Status. Odoo allows you to view all the approvals by clicking on the All Approvals button from the Manager tab.

The products and product variants that can be requested for approvals can be saved in the database along with their details in the Odoo 15 Approvals module. The name of the products, cost and the units available in hand can be seen by clicking on the Products option. A complete description of the products can be seen by clicking on the specific product. Product variants belonging to the company can be viewed by clicking on the Product Variant button from the Product tab. The Internal Reference, Name of the product, Sales Price, Attribute Values and other details of the product variant are visible from here.  Using Filters you can gather products that can be sold, purchased, rented, subcontracted and expensed. 

The data regarding requests and approval must be safely kept for further requirements. In the Odoo 15 Approval module, all the data regarding the requests, approvals and refusals are kept safe for future purposes. A uniformity and transparency can be maintained in the organization with the Approvals module. With this, the decision-making process will be unbiased and the approvals will be based on the documents and necessity of the request. Employees can easily place their request with a few clicks and the approvers can review the request based on the documents and details attached with the help of this module. Employees can view the stages of their request and this creates transparency in the process. 

Odoo 15 Approvals module is the perfect tool for the business and without doubt, saves a lot of time and efficiency in the workplace.

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