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By: Evin Davis

Machine Learning the Future of Odoo


Machine learning the aspect on which the future is dependent upon due to the advancements it can bring out to various existing applications, products, and methodologies. From software to automobiles and to healthcare, machine learning has spread its wings into all aspects of human life. These technologies have been innovative in helping people to do their daily tasks at work and in their personal lives. It's no doubt that machine learning will rule the aspect of automating the lives of people to be independent and self-sustaining.

Machine learning in accompaniment will be effectively beneficial for the management as well as the investors. Since the methodology of machine learning operates based on artificial intelligence(AI) these systems analyze the operations and data available with respect to the various operations of the company. As the technology is developing there are vast areas that are unexplored various aspects of automation remain unattached with AI such as driverless cars which is its developing and testing stages these are not many streets legal as expected. These are some exceptions also such as Tesla has mastered the technology and has implemented in their vehicles and additionally, Google has deployed the same in their own campus which is developed and engineered by them for its testing purposes.

AI in an ERP

Enterprise and resource planning softwares are a never-dying source of data flow because the major operations of an ERP are done and performed based on data analysis and taking action based on them. Since the main function of an ERP in business is to simplify the management operations a machine learning software can be advantageous since it can further automate the operation of the business. The prediction algorithms and fuzzy logic integrated machine learning softwares could be an added advantage to the ERP. These methodological operation softwares can be of prime importance since it can analyze the data available and suggest and provide reliable solutions for the operation which will be beneficial for the company on various aspects.

AI softwares in Odoo, will it be beneficial?

Odoo is one of the best ERPs available in the market these days will have an extra nudge on the use of AI in its operational methodology. Since the platform operates from a single platform and the adaptability to customize the operations and aspects as per the needs of the business it will generate an advanced company management platform. The machine learning integrated into Odoo will be able to operate based on the previous data available and to a much higher degree as the Odoo platform collects huge amounts of data this will additionally provide the machine learning software to analyze them in a much broader aspect.

Benefits of using AI in Odoo:

Data prediction.

Productivity Is the major aspect of any business, each should be designed and managed in a manner such that it would provide the maximum yield of productivity towards the investor. Machine learning in Odoo can analyze the data available and not only identify the problem generated but also predict the conditions which may prevail based on the previous data. Since the methodology is proven and will provide accurate predictions it will be an advantageous tool in Odoo furthermore, helping the business to achieve greater heights.

Advanced analytics based on the data

Predictions are better if the events occur as per the saying, what does the future hold for us? Only time can tell us. But certain predictions can be made based on the analysis of the previous data and various factors affecting an event. The same is in case of business the AI softwares can analyze the patterns which are developing based on various parameters that can be extracted from the previous data. This tool in Odoo can provide you predictions on customer behavior on shopping, ordering products, furthermore on sales, and purchase of the products.


Weather forecasting is an essential part of our day to day life; it provides us with knowledge up to certain expectations on what could be the climatic conditions which may prevail in the upcoming seasons or days. The same in the case of Odoo it would be a beneficial addon if the systems provide us with analytical data on the upcoming seasons considering the sales and purchases of the previous ones. The Odoo platform withholding all the operations data in its database which will be helpful for the machine learning softwares.


In the case of a production company, the efficiency of a manufacturing line is determined based on the number of finished and good quality products that are completed in a fixed amount of time. The AI systems in Odoo will be able to track the efficiency of each manufacturing lane, equipment, and process. This will help the users to control the operations or else the softwares can identify the reckless ones and execute the process itself to improve efficiency. In Odoo the aspect of effectiveness of a work center or equipment can be measured using the option equipment effectiveness. A screenshot of the effectiveness window is depicted below where OEE stands for overall equipment effectiveness. Integration with advanced machine learning softwares will provide a more elaborate and methodological way of measuring the same aspect.


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