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By: Asaf Muhsin

How to Manage your Employees with Odoo

Functional Human Resource

Employee management is a hectic aspect of the company operations which requires planning and consideration of various known and unknown factors in dealing with the employees. Considering a large company facility the operations of the would go out of control on certain aspects about effective employee management could reduce the aspects of these. If the operational aspects of a single facility are tiresome then as the company expands and considering the operation of multiple branches it would become even worse there would be no autonomy or effective supervision the investors could handle upon in this sort of operation.

Reliable and efficient management solutions are needed in these companies to tackle the issue and you could view the merits it could bring upon your company operations. Odoo ERP is one of the management solutions which is an effective tool for the business management of a company from all the aspects of the operation. Which resulted in the nickname one-stop solution for the business needs. The Odoo platform operating from a single platform has reliable and efficient employee management tools that support the users from the recruitment process to the salary payment operations.

This blog will provide insight into how employee management works in Odoo? 

Employee Management in Odoo

The Odoo employee management works with the help of various modules which are interconnected with all the operational aspects of the company. The platform will support all the operations of the company from the aspects of the job posting, recruitment, attendance, and many more operations in dealing with every employee of the firm.

Down below are the various modules which are inculcated with the management operations of the employees.


The Odoo employee module deals as the center soul of the employee management operations of the company. The user can create the employees, assign job positions, allocate to a department, and assign a supervising manager to every employee. In addition, the skills, qualifications, resume details, and all the personal and professional details could be stored here. Additionally, the documentation aspects of each employee such as copies of certificates, licenses and further personal and professional ones could be stored in the module. Moreover, the user can extract the employee information from the module dashboard by filtering and sorting out them based on various parameters.

The below image depicts the creation window of the Odoo employee module. As you can see all the information such as name, contact information, the position assigned, the manager responsible, tabs on various information, contact allocated details, possessions, and equipment, timesheets, time off and many more aspects needed in employee information could be saved up here.



The Odoo recruitment module will allow users to conduct the process of hiring smoothly and efficiently. The recruitment module will initially allow the users to describe the job positions along with the description of duties, remuneration, and all aspects of the job and post them on the social media platforms, company website and even print out the copies to be published in the newspapers. An overview of the applications, hiring stages, applicants, rejected ones and many more could be performed with ease in the module. The blow image showcases recruitment module of the platform where the job posting can be created and listed out.



The Odoo platform has a designated referrals application which helps the users to refer their close relatives and friends to the various job postings. The posting could be directly sent to an external contact via mail and the receiver can apply for the job directly. In addition, the model operates based on the operation of the points where the existing employees can claim various prices listed out by the company on their referral being selected as an employee.

Attendance and Time off

The attendance and time of the module of the Odoo platform work on an interrelated basis. The time off module allows the employees to request the time of mentioning the reason for taking the allocated time off on a designated day. These requests could be approved by the assigned manager or the HR of the company. The attendance module of the operation is based on the presence of each employee which can be monitored using log-in on biometric devices or their systems. The below image shows the attendance modules homepage where each employee will sign in upon their system into the platform and the manager could view all the details of the attendance of the employee in his/her dashboard.



The employee payroll module of the Odoo platform works integrated with the attendance and the time off modules. As the remuneration of each employee is based on the attendees of the contained periods of employment, the payslips are generated based on these. The payroll of each employee is a collaboration of various payments such as salary, provident fund, insurance, benefits, taxes, and many more which could be defined based on levels in the Odoo platform.

The HR management aspects of the Odoo platform will provide you with a reliable, affordable, efficient, and effective management tool to deal with all the employee operations of your company. 

If you are interested in Odoo implementation for your company to manage the employees, drop your message to info@cybrosys.com.

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