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By: Ashmy K Jose

How to Manage Different Address to a Customer in Odoo V12

Functional Odoo 12

Address is a particular place or location, where a piece of information is stored or where a formal speech delivered to an audience. It is the easiest way for the identification of a particular person or location to communicate with them. The address consists of the building name/number, the street, phone number, pin code, state, district, mail_id and its details for more precision in the communication.

The address of a customer, refers to the information about a customer, how to contact him. Under the sales module, one can see while creating a customer, the field for adding addresses. It is to contact the customer during the different stages of sales. There may be more than one address for a person to contact on different occasions.

Let us see how it works in Odoo.

Firstly, install the sales module and tick the below settings.


Thereafter, one can add a customer by go to sales -> orders -> customers.

While creating a customer, one can see the ADD button under contact and addresses tab. One can add the new addresses to a customer via clicking the ADD button.


Upon clicking the button, one can see options to add different addresses like contact, invoice address, shipping address, private address, and other addresses. These are the different addresses to contact a person during different occasions of sales.

Using odoo it is possible to configure different addresses to a customer. This can be highly useful, as, in some situations, the clients have multiple locations.


Contact: A person’s private information by which another person can use to reach the individual. For example, in the case of a company, an individual may say that he or she has a contact at that company, means the individual knows a person at that company and has a way of reaching this person.

Invoice Address: The invoice address is the billing address of the customer where the bills of the purchase have to be paid. The customer may have a different address and the billing has to be paid in a particular address. 

Shipping Address: Address is the same as the delivery address where your purchase has been actually delivered. However, shipping and invoice address may be the same or different on certain occasions. For example: If you are buying a product with a purpose of gifting them, here the invoice address can be given as ours, and the delivery address shall be the address of the person who is the recipient of the gift.

Other Address: The other address is the address where the person is available. In the case of extra incentives or gift has to be given to a person, it can be sent to another address.

Private Address: It is the same as that of other address where one can contact a particular person individually.


The Invoice and Delivery addresses will then be used on the quotation or sales order you send by email or print.


Under the purchase module, while creating a vendor, one can see different addresses same as seen in the sales module.


In the CRM module, while creating a customer, we can see the option to add addresses of customers.


While creating a Quotation in the CRM module, one can add different invoices and delivery address.


In the accounting module, one can add the customer as well as vendor and can add different addresses to them.



Upon selecting the partner ledger report of a customer, there can be seen partner-wise reports. The invoices corresponding to different addresses can be viewed under the same partner.  


In the below figure we can see invoice and delivery have been done in different addresses, but the partner Azure interior is same for all the invoice. So we can see that in this report the invoices corresponding to different address are viewed under the same partner Azure interior.


This is how we manage different addresses to a customer.

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adrien Tabola

Please I have a question, Why can't see addresses of customers on POS? I can't choose directly invoice address there?




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