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By: Cybrosys Technologies

How to Migrate Odoo from Older to a Newer Version


Migrating or updating software or an application has been common nowadays. Almost all the applications which are available today irrespective of the type of applications and their operational sector will bring in regularized or unregularized updates to the operations. Moreover, the users of these applications can easily download the anthem and implement it with ease or with help from an expert. Some of the applications or the services may offer the updates or the migration free of cost however, some might chart for the software itself or others will not charge for the software but the migration of the content from the older version to the newer versions.
Odoo is one of the business management software that is available in the market today. It's one of the ERP solutions which is trusted by more than 5 million users all over the world. Today the platform has found its reach over various sectors of industries irrespective of their size, scale, mode of operation, and the sector they function in. In addition, it's one of the software solutions which brings in regularized updates to the platform for its users. Moreover, these updates will add in various operational features as well as advanced functional tools of operation. Now Odoo is available as Odoo 14 which is the latest version of Odoo and is considered as the fastest as well as the most advanced Odoos up to date. However, the Odoo 15 which will be released later this year is expected to be packed with features.
This blog will provide an insight into the aspects of Odoo migration.
The migration in Odoo is so important for business establishments as it can bring in new functionalities as well as configurable options which will lead to the effective business management of the companies. Migrating from the older version of Odoo to the newest one can be done with ease and appropriate knowledge. Moreover, the Odoo migration has become the part and parcel of any implementation partner of Odoo and will offer you hassle-free services in the process.
Lets initially understand the reasons for migration in Odoo
Why should you migrate to the latest version of Odoo?
Odoo most real newer versions every year which are power-packed with capable options helping you to drive your business to newer heights. Here are the main reasons why the migration in Odoo is considered as one of the best steps you take with the platform.
- New features functionalities and modules
Every version of the platform will bring in new features and options which will provide you with the various functional aspects of operating your company with Odoo. In addition, newer modules will be added in operation which will unlock further features of business management.
As per the latest trend of the Odoo platform, the developers bring in 2 or 3 modules which might be main modules or supporting modules of operations that bring in the operational aspects and add up the user-friendly aspects of the platform.
- Faster and Advanced
Every new version of the Odoo which is being released is faster and advanced than the previous version in all aspects lets it be the front end of the platform or the back end of the software. Additionally, the Odoo 14 is 3.5 times faster in operations than its previous version that is Odoo 13. Moreover, the same or even higher level of speed improvement can be seen in the up version versions of the Odoo platform.
- Bug fixing of the Odoo platform is Improved
The bush fixing aspect of the software is supported by the Odoo community. Now as the Odoo 14 is released the bug fixing operations and other support operations of the Odoo platform are only supported for the latest 3 versions are V12, V13, and V14. Moreover, if you are using Odoo V11 you will find it difficult to attain the support of the Odoo partners
These are some of the main reasons and benefits why you should migrate your older Odoo to a newer version of the platform. Let's now move on to understand when we should migrate to the newer version of the Odoo platform. If you need to understand the vitality of the Odoo migration you can read the following blog which explains it: Vitality of Odoo migration in a competitive market
When should we migrate to the answer version of Odoo.?
The Odoo migration can be uptaken at any stage of company operations however, it is recommended that the migration should take place once every 3 years in the functioning with the company. This is because the Odoo parameters will only support the latest 3 versions of the platform therefore, it's better to migrate before their support expires for your version of the Odoo platform. Learn about the things that you should know before the Odoo migration process by reading the following blog:  Things to know before Odoo Migration
Need help with the migration?
Migration to the newer version of Odoo will be trickier if you don't have the right expertise and technical knowledge in it. We at Cybrosys are capable of effective migration procedures as we have abundant experience in the field. With more than 12 years of experience, Cybrosys Technologies has grown as one of the prominent partners of the Odoo platform and has enabled the label as a gold partner of Odoo. In addition, we have a huge customer base which will prove our previous works. You can contact us at info@cybrosys.com 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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