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By: Cirin C Baby

Vitality of Odoo Migration in a Competitive Market

Functional Odoo 14

The business market is ever-changing and for a company to be functioning with utmost productivity as well as to generate a high amount of profits the management should be able to adapt to advanced tools of business operations. With the birth of digitalization and the improvements of telecommunication facilities, the business management has attained various tools of operations which will help them to run the company operation with updated technology. Today, there are numerous application software available which would simplify the business management operations of the companies
Updation of this software is inevitable in the company operations and will be considered vital for the smooth operation of them in the companies. As the business operations are functioning in a fast-paced environment they would require advanced tools of operations which will help them in the business management and hassle-free operations in the business operations. An update or migration to the new versions of the software will provide the user or the companies with advanced tools and operational strategies available in the market.
Odoo is a business management software that has been widely used today to run business operations all over the world. Being an open-source ERP the Odoo platforms capable of undergoing full-fledged customization to run the business operations. Moreover, the modular approach to business operations will provide the users with designated business modules of operations making them capable of managing all business operations from a single system.
This blog will provide an insight into the aspects of why Odoo migration is a vital need for companies in the competitive market.
Before, jumping into the vitality of Odoo migration let me enlighten you with certain statistics. The global ERP market is predicted to grow over 18 billion USD in the upcoming years with an annual growth rate of more than 9%, which showcases the need for ERP software in all sectors of business operations in the company functioning in this modern era. Additionally, it was put forward that most ERP implementation will take place in Small and medium scale establishments.
In addition, Odoo will be topping the chart on its user numbers and capabilities as the platform can responsibly reduce the operational as well as administration cost in a company by 22%. Moreover, this may be an inevitable aspect of any industrial scale and will be more to small and medium scale establishments. As you have familiarized with certain analytical as well as quantitative predictions regarding ERP let now move on to the Odoo migration aspects.
Why the vitality of migration in Odoo?
Odoo migration refers to the up-gradation of the platform from an older version to the newer one available. This is considered vital in this ever-changing world for your business establishments to keep up with the ongoings and advanced technologies. Here are some aspects which will showcase to you the importance of Odoo migration:
> Obtain new version, upgraded features 
> Improved performance and speed
> If your business is expanding the newer versions of Odoo will b more capable of functioning
> Meet the rapid requirements in the business environment
> Your employees will love it as it provides them with greeted performance, speed, and advanced tools to simplify their routine activities.
These are some of the vital aspects which the Odoomigarstion will bring into your company operations but not limited to. Now let's move on to focusing on the migration in small business enterprises.
Migration in SMEs
As mentioned earlier the migration of the Odoo platform will have more impacts in a small and medium scale industry since the up-gradation can make a change in the functioning as well as the productivity and the profitability of the establishment. Here are the two vital aspects which will showcase the need for migration in an SME:
One of the major aspects which makes the SME move backward and not able to cope up with the growing digitized demand of the supply chain as well as sales operations is the incapability to function in a digital environment. The migration to Odoo from conventional systems will provide you with ample tools such as website builder, e-commerce, management, automation in the operations, and many more.
Cope up with the market
As the world, today is functioning as on the digitalization aspect the migration of the Odoo platform from an existing older version to the newest one will provide your small scale establishment with updated options and tools to improve the performance and functionalities. The latest version of the platform Odoo 14 will provide the user with the following features:
> Data cleaning module
> Snippet tools
> Improved performance and speed
> Spreadsheet reporting
And many more. You can read the following blog to batting more information on the Odoo14 features:
In conclusion, Odoo migration can be coined as a vital need in business establishments and can bring advancements in terms of profitability and productivity to the company's functioning.

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