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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Enhance your Customer Experience with Odoo


Customers are the key aspect of any organization, without the inflow of customers the functioning of the establishment will be disrupted. Therefore it's important to ensure that customers who come into your establishment or e-commerce platforms are well treated and all their queries have to be answered and solutions for the problems related to your area of functioning should be provided. Today the competition of establishments offering similar products and services related to you in your locality or vicinity of operations is higher and is ever increasing day by day, one of the ways to excel among them is by improving the aspects of customer satisfaction as well as their experience while shopping from you.
It's more beneficial for the organization to concentrate on improving the customer satisfaction level of the existing customer and making them a loyal one who regularly visits your store rather than bring in new customers. Moreover, the word of mouth still resides as one of the best advertising aspects so it is better to improve the customer happiness as well as satisfy the existing ones which will bring in new and potential ones to the organization with ease.
In this era, there are various dedicated tools of operations available for both the e-commerce as well as retail operations of the companies to improve the customer shopping experience. The Odoo ERP is one of the prominent business management solutions available today recognizes the need to improve the customer shopping experience and provide you with dedicated tools of operations for the online as well as the offline functioning aspects of the company.
Today Odoo has been used by more than 5 million installations and users all over the world. All thanks to the efficient business management modules and dedicated tools of operation which will allow you to function your business with effectiveness and reliability in Odoo. The latest version of Odoo 14 was released at the end of the last year which is considered the fastest and most advanced Odoo ever to be released. Hoverer, the new Odoo 15 will be released by the end of this year which is predicted to be even better than the Odoo 14 as it has improved speed and reduced processing time for more efficient functioning.
This blog focuses on how Odoo ERP will help you to enhance your customer shopping experience in your establishment.
The Odoo platform is equipped with various tools for improving the customer shopping experience while purchasing from your company. Moreover, these options can be seen in your e-commerce website defined in Odoo and for the retail operations run within the platform. Here are certain aspects that Odoo puts forward to improve the customer shopping experience with your company:
Coupons Program
The customer coupons can be defined and made to be operated both in the e-commerce platform as well as in the retail operations with Odoo. The coupons program can be initiated with the help of marketing campaigns and the coupons can be distributed to the customers or can be set to them via emails. The coupon code can be entered by the customer to avail discount or surprise gifts for their purchases adding up to the shopping experience. Moreover, these coupons can be defined based on the amount of money spent by them.
Wishlist Option
In the e-commerce platform run in Odoo, you will be able to enable and disable the wishlist menu available on the website. This option will be of much help to the customer who is searching for products which can be bought at a different time.
Compare Option
Just as the wishlist option which can be enabled by you for the customers to use it for the e-commerce website of your company. The compare option will allow the website visitors to compare the different products available to decide on the purchase based on the product description provided by your company for the products.
Different payment acquires can be defined
You can define various payment acquirers in the Odoo platform which allows your e-commerce customers to pay for their purchases with the various localized payment acquirers. Moreover, the Odoo platform has inbuilt payment acquired being defined which are all the prominent ones in operations in the world. In addition, you can define localized ones that will add up to the customer. 
Portal access to customer
The customer can be provided portal access to the e-commerce platform with the use of credentials and provided to them and authorizing it each time they log in to the platform. This also adds to the functionality to customize their portal e-commerce webpage as per their style without disrupting the standardized data. Moreover, this personalization tool will add up to customers' shopping experience.
Live chat functionality
The live chat functionality of the Odoo has been defined with the help of a distinctive live chat widget management module. Here you can define several channels of operation which can be used in operation to assist the customers at the instance of purchase for the e-commerce platform of the company.
Loyalty programs
The Odoo platform allows you to define loyalty programs to be in operations for the customers of the company. These programs will allow the customers to earn points upon the purchase of products or services which can be exchanged for gift coupons or discounts. In addition, these points can also be configured to be exchanged for gift products from the store.
These are some of the tools of Odoo which will enhance the customer shopping experience for your business in the case of e-commerce as well as retail operations. Furthermore, you can read the following blog where we have described the aspects of improving customer satisfaction for your company with the Odoo platform: How to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Odoo

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