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By: Aiswarya

Odoo 13 Enterprise Vs Community

Odoo 13

Odoo is a system that helps a company to organize and control its resources. Moreover, it is an inevitable tool to trigger all the daily processes and enhance your business and has apps for all your business needs. Furthermore, Odoo is considered as one of the best user-friendly and highly customizable ERP software for any kind of business.

This blog will provide a comparative overview of Odoo 13 Enterprise vs community edition.

Odoo contains well-integrated modules and has a modular structure. It is available in 2 versions.

 i) Odoo Enterprise(licensed) 

 ii) Odoo Community(open source)

The community edition of Odoo is available free of cost (no license fee) however, with limited functions and features. Users can checkout the new features of Odoo 13 through runbot Odoo. On the contrary, the Odoo Enterprise is similar to the Odoo Community edition along with additional functional Apps, and there is a license fee for the software. Moreover, the enterprise edition comes with more advanced feature listings benefitting business companies in large. 

Additionally, Odoo can be entitled as a complete package of ERP solutions, also it constantly switches to a newer version every year with more updated features which can make the business planning more reliable. With an extensive list of new features the latest version of  Odoo ie. Odoo 13 was released on 4th October 2019 which is ready to crack the large scale market. In addition, Odoo 13 is 5 times faster than Odoo 12.

Let us examine some of the remarkable features of Odoo 13

* MRP Subcontracting

* Odoo version 13 introduced new modules such as the Skill management module, HR Payroll module, and many more.

* Odoo 13 uses JQuery 3

* Product videos made available indirectly on e-commerce

* New search  panel introduced to kanban view

* Introduced new Applications for Field Service Management, Approval, and Employee presence 

* Improved invoicing policy

* You can see new improvements in Calendar, Survey, Rental, and many more.

* Timer displayed on work orders

* Delivery method is renamed as a Shipping method

* New feature Buy New Button is introduced to Odoo 13

* Partner Map view

As of now, you will be having an understanding of the features as well as the capabilities of the latest version of Odoo the Odoo 13.


While Odoo version 13 brings many advanced features in addition to Odoo version 12 some of the modules from Odoo v12 Enterprise are moved to Community edition and vice versa.

The following sections will explicate some of the notable comparison features of Odoo Enterprise vs Odoo Community.


Odoo 13 community version has the changes inside the settings itself when compared to Odoo version 12. We can access all the settings of every module from the dashboard itself. Moreover, Odoo 13 Community edition now comes with an option of my profile which helps us to redirect to the corresponding employees form view.

Down below are the certain additional and salient features of the Odoo 13 based on the modules of operations in the platform.


 * Date filter is improved(Creation date, Expected closing, Closed date)

 * Generate leads


 * Odoo v13 community brings the new option to log in with employees since in the previous version only the users can log in but in this version, the employee can log in with the system.

 * Restrict available product categories in the POS. If we enable this option we can select which all categories have to be displayed inside the POS module, so that we can filter instead of that.

 * Improvement in the payment screen.


 * Sales Coupons and Promotion Module is now part of the Odoo Community version of Odoo 13. Moreover, it supports all the promotional as well as discounts and coupon programs to have further reached to customers.

 * Here we have the option for choosing the design of the report that is given to the customer.


 * Website form builder moved from enterprise to community which provides the option to create different website forms which can be used to gather customer information and contact details.

 * Providing the product videos helps for a higher conversion rate on your website.

 * The new option “buy now button” leads you directly from the product page to the checkout page with product in the cart. 

 * Time sheet is added to the portal.


 * With the new option of Product Grid Configurator in the Odoo v13 community, we can now easily choose product variant in a grid configuration.

 * You can choose dynamic tree view additionally, you can select which all fields have to be visible in the tree view.


 * In this module improvement had been made inside the bill of the material menu. Moreover, a new option for subcontracting is added to the BoM


 * Inventory forecasting, the line chart shows the quantity vs time for different products. Furthermore, by analyzing the chart we can see the quantity for various products at any given date and can get an idea for incoming and outgoing stock.


 * Account.invoice is removed from Odoo v13. Now the invoice model is account. move.


 * Employee presence

 * Skill management module

 * Payroll is completely removed

If you want to understand the technical details, you can refer to Odoo 13 Technical Features 

As we are clear on the Odoo 13 community edition now let's move on to the next section where the salient features and new addition of the Odoo enterprise edition have been described.


The enterprise edition of odoo is a paid version of ERP that provides you with domain features and services. Odoo v13 enterprise edition provides many extra features and benefits and it's high time that every Odoo user should know about them, so the section below will describe you on it.  

In the new version of Odoo v13, the enterprise edition has also undergone some development and changes which are described below.

New module from the community to Enterprise

As Odoo updated its version from 12 to 13 the HR Payroll is moved from Community to enterprise edition.

 * HR Payroll

New apps introduced to Odoo v13 enterprise edition

Here is the list of new applications introduced in odoo v13;

 * Mass SMS

 * Approvals

 * Consolidation

 * Field Service Management 

 * Skill Management

 * Employee Referral

 * Marketing Automation

 * Rental

 * Social Marketing

 * E-learning

Some of the changes in the Odoo v13 community can also be referred to in Odoo 13 enterprise edition.

You can also refer to our Odoo v13 Book which will provide you with detailed information on the salient functional features of the newest version of the platform.

You can further read the following page where we have Compare Odoo enterprise and community features of both editions for you in detail.

Odoo Blogs Odoo 13 BookOdoo Apps

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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