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By: Shabna P

Odoo 13 Project Management Module Part 1

Functional Odoo 13 Project

Project management is the process of organizing, preparing, implementing, managing, and closing a design process to attain specific objectives and fulfill the requirements for performance at the specified time. The primary task of project management is to meet all the project goals within the specified constraints. 

Odoo Project Management module helps to do this very efficiently. This module manages and tracks each task, works successfully on them, assigns them efficiently while maintaining a good track of the assigned tasks, and eventually improving productivity. 

1.Create Project and Manage Tasks: 

The project management module Odoo helps you to plan or forecast each task. We can create new projects and assign the project manager, team members as well. Also, schedule activities and put specified tags to identify the projects and tasks. Also, the tasks are organized under different time schedules for different employees. We can split each task to subtasks and they can be also assigned to the employees as well. As per the completion of tasks or as per the work status, each task can be arranged in different stages. Also, we can prioritize the task according to the urgency of completion or as per requirement. Each of the employees can record their work status and spend hours under the timesheet. We can get a view of the planned hours and actually spent hours of each employee. Thus budget management and invoicing of the project can be managed. Linking with project timesheets or analytic accounts you can quickly create invoices based on the timesheet. 

2. Planning of Project: 

One can easily plan by project or by the employee. When you plan by the employee you will get a view on the scheduled tasks of each employee, their time duration, role in the task, start date to end date, etc. The availability of resources or the leaves of resources is tracked and updated using this. The Gantt map helps you to literally drag and drop your resources and plans the tasks. There may be open shifts provided so on the availability of employees the tasks can be assigned to them. The Calendar view also allows you to chart the most vigilant deadlines and assignments. 

3. Service Contracts Management 

Odoo project management modules have a flexible nature so that it can handle different types of contracts or projects. It can handle fixed projects, which are invoices based on the ordered quantity and billable projects, timesheet projects, etc. the contracts may be invoiced either when service is completed or invoiced as the time of service is carried out.

An Overview of Project Management Module in Odoo 13

Every company will organize their work as different tasks. To manage all tasks seamlessly this module has a great role.

1. Modern interface

The user-friendly and flexible interface allows the users to organize, schedule, plan and analyze the entire project and tasks.

Organize: One can arrange each task to different stages by simply drag and drop.

Schedule: One can schedule the task for the employee and view the planning. This will be helpful for the project manager to analyze the overall structure.

Plan: Using forecasting a clear track of the progress of the project can be analyzed.

Analyze: Status of each task and workload can be analyzed.

2. Forecast needs & resources

With a project forecast facility, we can plan a project for the future, assign tasks and employees. Also, current work plans also can be changed, if employees are on leave. So that particular task can be assigned to another employee. On comparing the real timesheets and forecast we can analyze the improvements in profitability and productivity.

3. Power of visual information beyond your expectation

Flexible project management has streamlined your processes and improved collaboration among staff. Dividing a project into tasks and assigning each task to employees helps to work the project in a better way. By creating customized stages we can improve the project operations and increase the overall productivity of the project.

4. Tasks Discussion & Document sharing

We can add notes and attach documents to tasks so that one can keep track of the project team and can avoid frequent follow-up meetings. The feature of the collaborative pad helps to communicate the employees in the team and can share their findings in a real-time pad. They can communicate using the chatter as well as the pad.

5. Conceptualize project scope within an easy-to-read overview

The project details can be analyzed and visualized using different charts. It also can filter and group by using different measures. Thus we will get a dynamic and functional view of every task which is easy to read and conceptualize.

6. Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps

The project module is integrated with other modules like sales, accounting, website, etc. It’s possible to send messages to customers for rating. Also, the tasks can be created from the sales order. 

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