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By: Evin Davis

Odoo 14 Planning Module

Functional Odoo 14 Project

The business organization in the world functions mostly in a pre-planned environment and the operations mainly depend upon the plans drafted by the offices. Moreover, these plans of operations in a company are drafted with the help of analysis on the different constraints of operations, methodologies of company functions, and the targets which need to be achieved by the company by the end of the financial term or the designated period. The palling operations of the companies need to involve the required employees to contribute and execute the tasks of operations. Moreover, the planning operations should have direct interconnection with the functioning of the company.

For a long time, business offices were looking up for automated solutions to run the business operations of the company. Odoo, a new generation enterprise, and resource planning business management solution paved the way for this too. Developed in the wake of the current century Odoo is now considered the most advanced and well-used and know ERP across the world with more than 5 million uses of the platform.

Moreover, the business management software has exhibited advanced systems and methodologies of operations needed to run the company operations as per the terms of the user. In addition, the ERP brings in a user-friendly approach to the company operations and will provide the user to switch real-time monitoring and control options. The capabilities of Odoo are vast however the ERP is best suited for small and medium-sized enterprises. Furthermore, the platform can be configured to run a service-based industry efficiently and more effectively than any other ERP software available.

This blog will provide insight into the palling module functionality in Odoo 14.

The planning module of Odoo operates based on calendar operations. Here, the user can configure the schedule of operations of a task or an associated project using the time and the ate functionality. Moreover, the sift management operations of the employees involved in the system can also be configured. The employee shift management in a company is an inevitable need if the company is operating in multiple shifts. The shift management of the company can be run with the planning module of the platform where the role, shifts, and operations schedule can be created, managed, and monitored. Additionally, the planning module is directly integrated with various other modules of operations in Odoo such as employees, payroll, attendance, project, manufacturing, and many more.

Once the user enters the planning module dashboard they are depicted with the calendar view which can be showcased in the form of days, week, month, or year format. Moreover, the time of the schedule can also be configured while setting up a plan. In addition, there are various filtering and group by the operation to derive the required information as per the need of the user.



The role in Odoo is a customizable aspect of the platform which can be defined by the users per their company standards of operations. These job role descriptions will allow the users to associate an employee with the role of operations in the company. The roles can be created and deleted from the roles menu available in the configuration tab.



The Odoo platform has considered the aspects of shift operations in the company and has a dedicated shift template description menu. Here, the user can create and configure the various shifts available in the company operations. In the menu, the user can define a shift using the starting time of a day and associates the duration of operations as per the company as well as the governmental regulation of the operational region.



Once the roles and shift templates are being defined the user can come back to the schedule menu and assign the planned operations in the calendar. In the calendar, the user can either choose the add option available or select the respective date and can view the add icon on each of them.


Here, the shift template, employee, role of operations, project, and the task can be assigned. Moreover, the schedule allocation both in days and tie can be configured. If the shift is to be repeated for a certain duration the user can enable the repeat option.


Recurring shift

If the user wants the shift to be recurring in the Odoo platform enable the recurring shift option available in the settings menu. Here the user can also configure the recurring duration in months of operations.



The reporting menu as all the ones of the Odoo platform will provide both analytical and quantitative reports of the operations. Here, the user will be depicted with the reports of the planned operation, the employees, and their schedule.

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