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By: Asaf Muhsin

How to Manage Job Applications with Odoo 14?

Functional Odoo 14 Human Resource

Recruitment is an important task for any organization. The identification and selection of highly potential manpower to become part of an organization is done under the recruitment process. Recruitment helps to assess the potential, quality, and skills of an employee. This process helps the business to find the most suitable candidate for the job. Such a well-designed recruitment process can ensure the best hands-on job in the company.

Recruitment is a multi-level process. Usually, the human resources wing performs recruitment. The process of identifying a job vacancy in a firm to appointment is included in this process. All stages involved in the recruitment process, from job vacancy identification, listing out job requirements, application invitation, application sorting, scrutiny of the application, shortlisting the applicants, interview, and final selection fall under the process.

This multi-level process can be simplified and made a quicker process if the company is depending on an ERP solution to manage the business. Odoo offers the best ERP solution to manage the recruitment process. Odoo has a separate module called Odoo Recruitment which falls under the HRMS. With this software support, Odoo helps to manage different types of recruitment activities.

In this blog, we can find out how Odoo can help you manage the recruitment process in simple steps.

Manage Applications by Job Position

In a firm, the human resources management wing can identify the vacancies in different departments with the help of this software. The vacancies can be viewed in Kanban view when the departments alert about the vacancies. The number of vacancies for each post and the number of applications received so far.

The number of vacancies published and a number of vacancies to be published can also be viewed. The number of applications received can be sorted from here itself.


Here we can check the status of application status for Experienced Developer. The vacancy has been published and there are six applications pending consideration. The number of new applications and the number of candidates to be recruited is 4. 

A user can publish the vacancy just by enabling the job description button. 

On clicking on Applications, the user will get the details of applications.


Then on clicking on the applicant, the user will get all details of the applicant including the name, contact details, qualification, experience, and other details. The user can start the interview process from here itself. The scheduling of the meeting and contract management can also be done here.


The employer can refuse the application from here itself. Besides, generating an offer link and creating employee can also be done at this stage. The stages of the interview can also be managed with this feature.


Manage All Applications

This feature helps the recruiter to manage all applications. The listing can be done based on initial qualification, first interview, and second interview.


After the second interview, the process can be taken to next level that is the contract proposal. In this stage, the contract is prepared between the employer and the candidate. The recruitment process gets completed once the employee signs the contract.


Once the employee signs the contract, the employer can add him to the employee list. This is done in a step by clicking the create employee tab.



Refuse Application

A user can easily refuse the application after checking the qualification or experience of a candidate. Refusal of application can be done at any stage before the signing of the contract.


Report Generation

This feature helps to review the number of hired persons, process duration, recruitment rate referral rate, and other details.


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Akash Sharma

How can we receive the applications online? Where I can set the Email Alias for recruitment?




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