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By: Cirin C Baby

What makes Odoo a reliable ERP?

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Nowadays business management operations of the company should not be a burden and headache for the people running it rather it should be efficient with smooth manageability operations to control with ease. The business management operations have taken pretty great turns from the initial days of functioning in the barter system environment. The Invention of the Internet, communications technology, and the digitalization aspects inculcated with its wheels were considered as the inventory of the last century. But the boom in these technologies the uses outfits have gone to a vaster dept of human functioning both in their personal and professional ones.

The business management operations today are controlled by management software which could do an efficient job for the managers as well as investors. Enterprise and resource planning software is being used all over the world as the prime operational system in running various aspects of business operations. Odoo is one of the best ERPs available which can run the entire company operations for a single platform.

One of the key aspects of Odoo is that you can create, design, and operate a website using the Odoo website builder which would be a major medical tool to run the business. Moreover, to that, you can create and manage the e-commerce operations of the company similarly as you rub your retail operations with the Point of sales module available. In addition, all the operations of the sale and purchase are unconnected and managed from the centralized platform. You can imagine three modes of sale operations, the e-commerce website, retails store and a wholesale warehouse all are considered to be operational as parts of the company. Additionally, you have a centralized inventory management system which makes the operations run in much simpler terms of operation.

Furthermore, you will be provided with an accounting application that helps you in the managing of the company accounts all invoicing and vendor bill operations along with efficient expense management. In addition, the accounting operations can be configured with the company bank account for reconciliation purposes. Moreover, the customization ability of Odoo allows the user to run any format of business operations seamlessly and batting high productivity along with profitability.

This blog will describe what makes the Odoo platform a reliable enterprise and resource management solution to run your company operations efficiently.

Easy implementation and user-friendly approach
The Odoo implementation is one of the easier aspects considered to any other ERPs available. Moreover, the community edition of the platform can be used with ease with limited features. However in need of an Odoo enterprise version with the capability of operational and functional customization ist better to approach an Odoo partner.

In addition, Odoo ERP is considered as one of the key user-friendly business management solutions. Additionally, the user can configure the various operations available to run the business from the front end of the platform, leaving ist usability to even for people having no basis on programming or coding.

Efficient communication.
The Odoo platform exhibits numerous communication tools for both the in-house as well as outhouse operations to be run in the company operations. Furthermore, the log note functionality available under each operation undergone in Odoo helps the user with efficient communications within the company on the various operational aspects. Additionally, the user can attach documents, timesheet descriptions and media contents to be useful in the company operations.

Usability in gadgets
The Odoo platform basically a website application also has a mobile or a tablet view. This makes it capable for the users to function in a remote environment. In addition, various advanced IoT device integrations can also be configured to run the platform in the most advanced manner. Moreover, the field service tool of Odoo allows the user or the employers to be connected to the platform from clients' locations using gadgets or applications specific devices.

Hosting option
Odoo offers a variety of hosting options for the platform which can run your company operations. The Odoo hosting could be done in cloud-based(Odoo online), on-premise hosting(dedicated third party global or local server) and Odoo.sh( can be done with a shared server and a dedicated one). Moreover, the Odoo hosting option will add ups to the Odoo pricing. In addition, the hosting options should be chosen based on your needs of company operations with odoo. A good Odoo partner will be helpful to guide you with the Odoo implementation as well as hosting for you.

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