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By: Anju A.P

Odoo Community vs Odoo Enterprise - Business Benefits


With the mushrooming online market and entrepreneurs, people are no more pressing on to their conventional business tools, rather they are being open to exploring different emerging solutions in the market. It is no more the 'one thing overwhelms all' scenario on the web. One could easily watch the business’s radical shift from regular 'attempted and tried' things to the newly all-in-one business application suites. 

From market pioneers like Salesforce to upstarts like Zoho, everybody has transformed their architecture. They have turned themselves into an all-in-one business suite rather than being specialized to one single business region. Today they act as a comprehensive suite of applications for effective and efficient management of business operations. Regardless of the varied business workflows, these integrated tools remain robust inefficiently performing business tasks.

In the open-source world, Odoo is a case of such an application that began off as an ERP solution (it was known as OpenERP in those days). Moving with time, Odoo has now changed into a complete all-in-one business management suite fulfilling different business functions like accounting, sales, purchase, manufacturing, inventory, project management, human resources, e-commerce, and more.

Odoo has witnessed tremendous development in the previous couple of years, particularly in the Asian and European markets and the credit solely goes to the product itself.

If you have questions in your mind about whether or not to implement Odoo at your business place, this blog may assist in the decision-making. Here, I have plotted a couple of reasons why you should opt for Odoo for your business performance management. And how Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community differ in terms of their exercising.

So prior to taking note of different Odoo Editions, let me brief you on the advantages that can be carried with Odoo implementation

1. First and foremost, the reason to choose Odoo ERP is its intuitive and spectacular user interface.  Odoo flaunts around with a simple design that is appealing to one’s eyes. The latest version Odoo v12 comes with a totally new theme color, which is highly appealing and comfortable to the eyes. Different changes have been made to get an extraordinary UI.

2. Secondly, Odoo accompanies by more than twenty thousand modules, and selecting them would boost business profitability and subsequently create more work for your business. Odoo ERP has bunches of functionalities on offer. With careful assistance on getting the correct framework design, shall ease your business processes with no doubt.

3. Simple user interface alongside add-on features makes Odoo modules extremely easier to utilize and update. One can discover modules that match the requirement for your business and can likewise select integrated solutions under odoo platform. Flexibility is yet another attractive shade of Odoo. One can start with the basic modules for their business and as you continue further you can incorporate more modules within the framework, depending on the need. Odoo offers a significant number of modules that you can utilize upon requirement. Odoo’s modular approach gives the end-user a chance to include more applications and modules in a later course. 

4. To next, the product comes very adaptable as it can be customized to any degree, making it perfectly pitched to your business prerequisites. It underpins the changes that are sufficient for any business organization to thrive in the competitive market. Persistent developments and versatility are the two fundamental highlights which make Odoo an appropriate platform for your business. 

5. Cost is one factor that raises eyebrows, especially the business. Many people back out from software implementation, just because of its cost. However, Odoo has a moderately low cost of ownership. Both the initial investment and post-implementation costs are low in Odoo, compared to other proprietary software. One can unquestionably save a portion of their assets here. With Odoo, one gets better technologies and functionalities which makes up for the initial expense, this makes Odoo a financially savvy/cost-effective business solution. 

6. No vendor lock-in. ODOO is open-source programming and anyone can freely download and install it (Community Edition). Here, you would not require a license fee to utilize Odoo and henceforth there are an enormous number of clients as well as coders related to this management tool. Any designer or professional with a working knowledge of the Odoo platform can customize Odoo. The open-source stage isn't constrained by a particular gathering of individuals. Additionally, your tech group can modify the source code and apply their very own patches for upgrading the usefulness of the framework, fixing any perceived bugs or customizing it based on business necessities. 

7. Consistent upgrading makes Odoo a robust management platform. ODOO is a freeware with committed designers that guarantee innovative upgrades every now and then. The redesigned advances help your business immensely by adjusting to the most recent standards. 

From Odoo v9, the Open source ERP made a change in their business model. Rather than just developing open-source software and selling its support services, they brought into living an open core business model. Notwithstanding the open-source product-Odoo Community, they grew additional proprietary applications as Odoo Enterprise.
From that point on, Odoo was made accessible in 2 Editions: Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. Odoo Community (Open-source variant) is free, and Odoo Enterprise(Licensed adaptation) is chargeable. Odoo Enterprise is considered the flagship of Odoo, as it encompasses the most highlights and the most mind-boggling features.
Let me take you through the highlights and advantages of Odoo Enterprise. 

Essential benefits Odoo Enterprise

a) Backend enhanced for all gadgets (responsive). 
b) More features than in different adaptations.
c) Standard Migration by Odoo S.A. 
d) No limitation with respect to the number of users. 

Rather than the above, there are many other benefits one can acquire from Odoo Enterprise. Compared to Odoo Community, Odoo Enterprise has a lot to offer in terms of functionalities.

Advantages Vs Odoo Community 

1. One of the most preferred standpoints of Odoo Enterprise over Odoo Community is that it comes optimized for all gadgets like desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc. This implies that the content gets adjusted relying on the gadget and is better to utilize in terms of reading, write and acting. 

2. Odoo Community and Enterprise vary totally in terms of their structure and ease of use. Coming to the design: the shades of Odoo Enterprise are white, gray, pink, and green, which is harmonious and welcoming. On the other hand, Odoo Community, looks somewhat dejected, with its black and gray combination. In Odoo Community, the fundamental navigation is provided in the header and the app navigation on the left half of the substance. However, in the Odoo Enterprise, both navigations are integrated into the header, which gives responsive website composition a superior overview. It additionally spares a lot of space, benefiting the clarity of the content. 

Moreover, Odoo Enterprise looks a lot tidier and increasingly proficient. For instance: the space of inner notes, message sending, and activity schedule will be displayed in the desktop version on the right side of the content and will be moved beneath the content if the gadget width changes. Under Odoo Enterprise everything looks exceptionally brilliant, professional, and mature. 

3. As discussed above, Odoo Enterprise comes with more features. To summarize, Odoo Enterprise = Odoo Community Basic Modules+ Additional Features. Organizations can, therefore, choose whether they need to take Odoo Community and let the features evolve along with business needs, or opt for Odoo Enterprise and avail its full set of functionalities.

To compare the feature level difference among the  Odoo12 Community and Odoo 12 Enterprise, you can refer to our blog odoo 12 community vs enterprise

Last but not least, one of the greatest advantages of Odoo Enterprise over Odoo Community is that the migration to the new form of Odoo Enterprise is performed by Odoo S.A. However, features developed by the company are excluded from migration. These features must be migrated separately taking the help of Odoo Partner. 

Cybrosys is an Odoo official partner and can serve you in both odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise Edition. To avail of our service, drop your request to odoo@cybrosys.com.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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