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By: Evin Davis

Odoo CRM is the Best Tool for Customer Service Management in Business

Odoo 15 CRM

The customer is always the king of a business, and the company's success remains on how successfully the company will mage its customers. Customer management deals with following up on each of the leads obtained and pursuing them to do business with the establishment. Today business operations have transformed to the digitalized way of functioning, and there are multiple ways and modes of doing the business. Therefore, the need for dedicated management tools to cater to customer relationship management is essential for the company to function in this digitalized era. Today, numerous solutions offer the aspects of Customer Relationship management as dedicated tools and a combined tool.
As per the statistic, 82% of companies worldwide use CRM solutions, which will cater to the operations aspects of the business's Customer Relationship management. Moreover, the improvement in reliability and productivity with the operations makes these tools exceptional. In most companies, during the early stages of functioning, the company will be using Excel sheets to function CRM operations. Although the functioning might seem reliable, it will be falling down the wrong path as it will affect the operations of the Customer relationship management in the long run. Moreover, there are significant disadvantages of using the Excel sheets for the operations of the Customer Relationship management aspects.
In this blog, you will be provided insight on why the Odoo CRM is the best tool for the Customer Service management operations of the companies.
Odoo is a business management software solution that organizations are using worldwide for the effective management of the business. It is an all-in-one platform with dedicated operation modules; the complete aspects of business against is possible with the Odoo platform. The modular approach brings in the dedicated modules of functioning, which provides the company with applications specific modules where each aspect of the business is managed. Customer Relationship Management is one of the aspects which Odoo focuses on with dedicated CRM modules of operation. Here, the CRM module will provide an interface on all aspects of Customer management, from acquiring leads and pursuing them to changing them to potential customers. Further, the elements of the administration of each customer can be done by following up, which will ensure that they come back to the business. Let's now understand what a Customer Relationship management tool would do in a company.
What is the use of CRM tools in a business?
The business functioning today faces high levels of competition from other organizations functioning regionally as well as businesses that are operating multinational. Therefore, respecting and following up on the customers can be the only way to bring in more and more customers. The CRM tools are available in the market to maintain a better Customer Relationship with all of your customers and promote the business to the newer highest. Moreover, a Customer Relationship Management tool will ensure to carry and store the information of the entire customers in operation with the business. Furthermore, the aspects of the generation of the business opportunities and follow-up of each of the ones with specific tools of operations are possible with dedicated CRM tools.
As there are numerous tools in the market that support the aspects of CRM operations for the business, choosing the right tool that will be best for the company will be extremely difficult for the managers and decision-makers. As CRM tools cost a fortune for small-scale businesses, they must be cautious about choosing the right solution. An elaborate study on the tools, along with the proper insight and capability of each of the devices being defined, will be helpful in the selection process. Additionally, a demo on each of the solutions you are interested in will provide an even clearer picture of the software tool. Following these essential aspects will let you choose the best CRM tool for your business management operations.
Let's now move on to understand the salient features of the Odoo CRM module, which will be helpful for the business and its Customer Service Management operations.
Features of Odoo CRM module
Odoo platform functioning with the modular approach provides the business with a dedicated Customer Relationship Management module which will undergo all the Customer Service Mnamnt operations. Equipped with advanced capabilities and tools of operations the Odoo CRM is way more advanced than most of the other Customer Relationship Management tools that are available. Here are certain features which make it an exceptional tool:
01) Complete Autonomy on the management of Customer Relationship Management operations
02) Direct Intertsiosn with the sales as well all the modules in operation
03) Ability to assign teams and dedicated personnel for the follow-up on each lead.
04) Lead Generation and Pursuiging capabilities with dedicated follow-up activities.
05) Lead enrichment functionality to get more information on leads.
06) Leads can be acquired from multiple sources of functioning, such as retail operations and eCommerce functioning, and social media platforms, which will be helpful for the business to be reaching out to multiple customers.
07) Definite dashboard for the lead pipeline management where the stages of operations can be custom-defined.
08) You can schedule meetings and track the activities conducted regarding the Customer Relationship Management operations.
09) Analyze the lost opportunities and define the lost reasons for the future operations of the business.
10) The generation of distinctive reports of operations will help with the business analysis.
11) Capability to craft report of prediction which will be based on the operation
12) Capability to custom defines the definition of functioning, which will be helpful for the business.
13) The functioning of the CRM operations in Odoo is based on real-time data, which will help the business stay ahead of the curve in the business functioning.
14) Advanced automation aspects can be brought into the functioning of CRM operations.
15) The routine and repetitive elements of the Customer Relationship management operations are automated using the specific functioning tools.
These are certain of the salient features of the Odoo CRM module, which will make it an efficient and exceptional tool for Customer Service management operations.

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