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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Odoo Demo: Why it's vital before choosing Odoo ERP


Enterprise and resource planning software has revolutionized business management practices all across the world and provided both long term as well as short term results that are beneficial for its users. Today there is a long list of ERP solutions available for you to choose from that are classified based on various parameters of functioning and operation. As a matter of fact, as there are a variety of offers to choose from it becomes much more confusing for the decision-makers on choosing the ERP which is best suitable for their company operations. In addition, the ERP implementation will be expensive and you want to choose the right one and procedure to have it to pay back for the investment.
One of the solutions to understand whether it is a suitable ERP for you will be to view or use a demo of the ERP to run your operations. An ERP product demo can be considered as a value of the product and on how it will suit your company's operational prospects. Moreover, the product demo as well as the sale demo are entirely different and have different objectives. Considering the ERP software most of the product demos are delivered by a functional as well as a technical consultant or team of consultants to illustrate to you the capabilities of the ERP and how it can be configured, customized, and developed to be operational as per your company's operational requirements.
Odoo is one of the ERP solutions which is suitable for complete business management operations in your company. A new generation business management ERP with advanced capabilities as well as tools for functioning the Odoo is a fully customizable ERP software. If you have chosen to have an undertaking of Odoo and need to know details about the requirement of it read ahead. In addition, there are numerous service providers of Odoo ERP and you would need to choose the right one to make sure that the demo of the software is well explained to you and you can proceed further with them for implementation as well as additional Odoo requirements.
Cybrosys Technologies, the leading Odoo gold partner, provides you with effective Odoo service. Our Odoo demo is conducted with the presence of our expert Odoo consultant who will be able to cater to all your queries regarding the platform. Schedule an Odoo demo with Cybrosys by contacting us at info@cybrosys.com  
This blog will provide an insight into the Odoo demo and why is it important to go for it before the implementation of the platform.
How to obtain an Odoo Demo?
The Odoo ERP is a complete business management tool and understating the operation to a fresher in the field will take a certain time. There are mainly two ways by which you can obtain an Odoo demo to understand the operations. 
Firstly, you can contact an official Odoo partner such as Cybrosys Technologies to have a scheduled demo with one of our expert consultants. It is free of charge and they will be willing to address all your concerns regarding the platform. Moreover, you will attain a clear picture of the operations capabilities of the Odoo ERP in your company operations.
The other one will be through visiting the official Odoo demo page, which can be attained by choosing the following web page demo.odoo.com. Here, there is no guiding consultant for you to provide you with an understanding of the software. Rather you can refer to the official Odoo documents and functional videos to understand the platform. As we are clear on the mode to attain an Odoo demo let's move on to understand what will have Odoo demo to put forward to you which will make the decision-making process on choosing Odoo ERP and moving forward with it.
What does the Odoo Demo have to Offer?
Scheduling an Odoo demo before the implementation will be beneficial for you and will provide you with a clear-cut understanding of the operations of the platform in a live environment or establishment similar to your company's functioning. Here are some aspects that the Odoo demo will address to you regarding your concerns:
Financial aspects
An understanding of the precise and approximate cost of operation regarding the implementation and allocated training and services can be obtained. In addition, the ERP costing based on the users and the capability extension and hosting can be discussed.
Understand the Capability and Credibility of the Service Provider.
Today there are numerous ERP service providers available for a single software to choose from. Moreover, the service provider should be chosen based on their background and experience in the field. Additionally, the demo will provide you with an understanding of the capability of the customization and development practices of the Odoo platform by the service provider.
Support After Implementation
Odoo is a software that is continuously updated and new features are added consecutively to cope up with the modern operational demands. A demo will provide a medium where you could discuss and obtain an understanding of the post-implementation service of the vendor in Odoo.
Although Odoo is claimed as a one-stop solution for all the business needs, the maximum capabilities can be achieved only by customization. A demo will provide insight into the customization capabilities of the service provider to suit your business operational requirements.
Integration Capability
Odoo has a modular structure to business operations therefore, there are designated modules of operations available to run the company operations. Moreover, they should be configured along with the required add ons available to run the operations of the company as per your requirement. Odoo's demo will provide an insight into the platform as well as the service provider's capabilities to configure it.
These are the certain aspects that you will get taken away after an Odoo demo and especially with an expert consultant to answer your queries. You can have a clear understanding of the benefits of the Odoo demo by reading the following blog: Odoo Demo: Benefits at Glance

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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