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By: Cirin C Baby

Statistics on E-commerce and Why Synchronize Odoo with it?

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E-commerce the thriving business methodology from the end of the last decade has evolved from a statue based system to the major player in doing business across the world. Today there are over 15 billion established e-commerce sites across the world selling products and services to required customers stretched across the globe. The numbers are about to go high in the current year due to the strike of the pandemic situation which has devastated the old normal functionalities of business across the world. Moreover, many establishments have learned for the previous year and made the mistake of not evolving to adapt to the current version.
Therefore, today most establishments are moving towards e-commerce platforms that are more economical, reliable, and require a minimum investment. By hearing about a large number of e-commerce platforms, don't you worry about the competition if you are running or planning to run an e-commerce website? As from the statistics, there are only over 1 million establishments or e-commerce platforms that do a business of more than 1000 USD per year all across the world. Although, certain competition can be expected and it's mainly based on the region of operation, and today no business enterprise does not face competition.
Building a website has become the easiest thing to do in an establishment and you can with the advancements in technology and capabilities of various business management solutions such as Enterprise and resource planning software the creation of e-commerce websites or platforms has become much easier. Moreover, there are numerous ERP solutions that you can choose from to run e-commerce as well as company operations with ease. Odoo is one such ERP that can be used for the business management aspects of the company. In addition, Odoo is considered as the one-stop solution for business management and the capabilities of the platform are more advanced such that the entire company can be run in your terms from a single platform.
This blog will provide an insight into certain statistics on e-commerce platforms and a description of the aspect of why you should synchronize your E-commerce platforms with Odoo ERP.
As mentioned earlier Odoo is capable of managing entire business operations from a single platform. It is cannibal due to the modular structure of the platform, which provides you with a designated module of operations to deal with the application-specific operations of the company. Furthermore, the Odoo website module will help you to create a company website and run the e-commerce operations in it. Before moving on to the aspects of understanding why you should synchronize your e-commerce platform with Odoo ERP, let's understand certain statistical data on e-commerce websites that are of the peasant era.
Statistics on E-commerce platforms.
The e-commerce market is an ever-growing one and it's not slowing down thanks to the advancements in technology and telecommunications aspects. The widespread popularity of an e-commerce website can be easily spread across the world. As depicted for the last year's date although it was a devastating year due to the pandemic it suggests that the market is growing and at a reasonable rate especially in the previous year. However, the e-commerce market will strive for excellence in the coming years here is a quantitative analysis on it:
> The market is expected to reach more than 4.5 trillion sales by the end of 2021
> By 2030 it's expected to have more than 95 percent of purchases made by consumers will be through e-commerce platforms.
> More than 50 percent of people have purchased their product through an online chatbox on the e-commerce website which is likely to increase.
> On the contrary, more than 75 percent of people across the world prefer outdoor markets or retail establishments, or malls for holiday shopping.
Statistics indicate that business through e-commerce is growing by more than 26 percent every year
> However, only less than 3 percentage website visitors purchase a product for the platforms.
These are certain statistical insights into the operations of e-commerce websites all across the world. In the next section let's have an understanding of why they need to synchronize your e-commerce website operations to Odoo ERP?
Why synchronize your E-commerce website operations with Odoo ERP?
Odoo is the one-stop business management solution that has designated modules of operations such as sales, purchase, manufacturing, inventory, HR management, website, marketing management, and many more. Moreover, the operations of each module are integrated to have unanimity in the company operations. However, they can be configured and developed to standalone in the company functioning. The website module helps you to create a new website using the Odoo website builder along with the management of the e-commerce platform of operations. Here are certain aspects that will put forward to you o the point that why should you integrate your e-commerce operations with Odoo:
> Real-time data and operations management make you have full access to the company functioning at all levels of operations
Products and the data can be easily synchronized to be operational with the commerce website as well as your Odoo platform or the company database.
> Direct integration with the sales management module will help you to have an effective transfer of data and communications between the back end of the company and the operations in e-commerce.
> The integration aspect will also allow you to add up to the customer relationship management which can provide you with additional benefits of improving the business.
> Manage your orders using the various functional tools available in Odoo such as lead time, employee allocation, fleet management operations on delivery, and many more.
Certain aspects will provide an overview of why you should synchronize Odoo with the e-commerce operations of your company. If you need further insight as to why should you integrate the Odoo platform with the e-commerce operations of your business you can read the following blog: 
Moreover, if you need your e-commerce website to be integrated with the Odoo platform you can contact us by dropping a mail at info@cybrosys.com 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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