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By: Anusha

Odoo eCommerce

Functional Website&E-commerce

Nowadays selling products online is growing Day by day and becoming more popular than before. For that Odoo is Introduced an interesting application called Odoo e-commerce to boost your business. The Odoo e-commerce application allows you to sell your products through beautiful Online Shop pages and also can make a purchase within few clicks.

Now we can begin with Odoo e-commerce Application.


Start Your OnlineShop

First of all, install Odoo e-commerce from the Apps List.


And click on Website Button and you will be redirected to Odoo website.

When we go to the website the interface will be like below.


Publish your products


Create a product from website


In order to create products from the website click on the new button at the right corner of the page and select New Product and add the name of the product.


Here we are going to add a product from the backend, also we are going to publish our product on a website.

In order to publish your products in website go to the product page by clicking on the Website, You get a Dropdown list of modules.


Click on sales menu and from sales go to the product and select a product you want to publish.

Here we are going to create a new product Named Apple MacBook Air.


Click on Unpublished, by clicking on this you can publish your product on the website and also in order to get Details of the product you can add the Different notes under the Notes Tab.

This notes will be displayed on the website page of the product.


You can also set Different variants of a product. Selling online requires a simple and intuitive way for shoppers to find the product they want. Odoo gives you the opportunity to easily set attributes on products (size, color, power, etc.). Those attributes allow you to search for them in order to easily find a product and manage and sell variants.

Here we are going to set Variants for this product that we created.

For that


Go to Sales Settings:

Under products-->Product Variants -->Check (Products can have several attributes, defining variants (Example: size, color.))



Set Different Price for each variant and set picture if you want.


And after that go to website page and we can see the newly created product there.


Check out in a couple of Clicks

 - Add products to your cart.

 - Review the order and process Checkout

 - Fill the Delivery Address.

 - Confirm The order

A related Quotation automatically created. You can now validate the order as soon as you get paid and launch the invoicing.

You can also set different Payment methods                           

Go to Accounting -> Configuration -> Payments -> Payment Acquires


Install any payment methods you wish. Publish these payment methods. And whenever we purchase a product these payment methods will be available on the website and you can select your needs.



Boost your Online Sales


Public Categories


To show products in category wise on the website we need to set a category for each product. We can set different Categories of products by going to the product form and under Sales tab we can set the category.


Then go to the website and click on Customize we can see different options.

Enable Product Categories options and you can see the products in category wise.


Now we can see different options under the Customize button.

Enable Add to cart option .when we enable this there will be direct add to cart option after the product price.

Now enable Product Description in order to get the description that we entered in the Notes Tab under the products in order to show full details of the product. Now the website page will be like below.


In order to push your product to start the page or anywhere on the website, a page can be made very easily.

Enable the Edit option and click on any product and you can see an option Customize and there will be different options to change the size of the image and also to promote the product to anywhere in the page and also to Add a sale ribbon to inform visitors about a time-limited promotion.


Alternative Products and Accessory Products


An alternative product which appears at the bottom of the website product page. Displaying these more expensive items aims to capture the shopper’s attention in order to induce him to spend more than expected.


Optional products: suggested at the moment the shopper adds a product to the cart.


Now go to the website and select the product and we can see the alternative products that we give in the bottom of the page and when you add this product to cart you can see the suggested products there.


These are the Basic Functionalities comes under Odoo eCommerce.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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