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Odoo for Leather Industry

A world without leather products and a fashion industry sans leather components are beyond the wild imagination of any keen market watcher. For the modern world, the traditional leather industry has gone leaps and bounds. Gone are the days when crude leather products reached the market without much attraction. Now, the whole façade has been changed with the latest trends, processing methods, and the ever-increasing number of buyers in the fashion industry.

How Odoo comes to the help of any aspiring entrepreneur in this field is crystal clear. With the growth of the industry, a number of areas will have to be managed simultaneously. Odoo, being the best software application in the industry, can support numerous jobs, which have been otherwise done the manual way.

Inventory management.

For any industry, the available stock of raw materials for production deserves special attention. It is from this stock we actually make the products to cater the industry. Any slip in accurately managing the inventory may lead to production issues and thus failing to meet the market requirements. With Odoo, one can accurately keep track of the available raw materials for production and its timely top up on noticing the existing quantity. Gone are the days when companies heavily depended on its human resources to manually operate the trade. Now, everything will be available at a fingertip.


Bill of materials

A number of components will be required for the production of a particular leather product, it can be a vanity bag, show, or even part of apparel. Products that are part of the automobile industry or any other similar industry will be essential to survive in this emerging market. On such occasions, Odoo can be a great technical bystander to keep track of the required materials and its proper accounting. It is this part of the job which actually helps the manufacturer to clearly arrive at the product price and appropriately finalize the price with a clear sales margin. Each and every component or material that goes into the production process is clearly accounted with Odoo where the loss will never be a painful experience.


Order Management

The success in managing the orders actually makes an industry in this sector shine well and win more customers. Being a successful firm, it is sure to get more and more customers every day and the management of orders at this phase will be important to sustain their interest for long-term association. The clear management of orders and the on-time delivery of products can easily cement a better trade relationship for the future. It will be possible only through software-based order management. In the leather industry, Odoo tools can work efficiently to derive amazing results. The classification of orders, delivery time, price, billing, and other requirements can be easily completed with Odoo support.


Scrap Management

An industry like leather needs an effective scrap management system. There may be takers for the scraps but its timely dispatch after accurately measuring the value will be a tedious task in the absence of supporting software. This area can never be managed the manual way if you are an aspiring industrialist who wishes to manage everything in a systematic manner by complying with the pollution standards and hygiene norms set by the Government. Using Odoo, one can easily manage this area by connecting with the required scrap agent and passing him the required info on time to clear the scrap stock. Timely handling of this area will easily ensure proper functional space in your industrial area and make it a workable environment.


HR Management

Human resources form the pillar of any modern industry. The number of employees depending on the industry may be in hundreds or thousands. There may be satellite units managed by the companies to improve production. On all such occasions, effective software support will be the need of the house to scientifically manage the employees and their issues. From dispensing salary to work monitoring, Odoo can give you wonders in the wonderful management of the whole area. It can assist you in monitoring the total working hours of the employees, their leaves, salary disbursal, promotion needs, and the distribution of allowances.


Customer Management

A proper relationship with the customers can build an industrial unit's goodwill among more potential buyers and regular customers. It can be improved through effective software like Odoo. Automated message support can assist you a great lot in sending reminders, availability of new products, offers, price reductions, and even exchange of old products for new ones. Even a 24x7 service can be effectively introduced with the integration of Odoo in the administrative area. A job managed by many customer relations can be brought to a single console for better functioning and better results.


Quality Control

The product management with Odoo will definitely help the players in this industry to ensure and meet the required product quality parameters. From the phase of procurement to sales, it can monitor each and every phase of the production process. If something goes wrong in between, it can be effectively tracked and rectified. One can hold employees accountable for the work. It can clearly help to monitor the quality of procured materials, sale of quality products, and the healthy exchange policy in case of noticing any damaged product. Quality control is also an integral part of where an effective customer relationship is built. It is where the genuine foundation of the company is built.


Easy Product Management

Management of a number of products and their batch numbers safely requires the assistance of modern software. In an industry where newer products come every day, the effective management of numerous products needs special attention. What Odoo offers from its stable is the effortless management of a number of products from a single console. One can easily track the product details with a single click. The details of a particular product can be retrieved at any moment without many hardships. In case of any customer complaint, the details of the product can be accessed very easily for easy proceedings.


Effective Marketing

An effective marketing strategy ultimately scripts the success of any product or its brand in the market. Odoo can help you a great deal in working out the most effective and attractive marketing strategy. The whole sales team can be coordinated with Odoo. The marketing teams' target can be easily fixed with the availability of the most accurate stock records. They can also compare their performance in the field. It will also help the company to assess the performance of each of the employees and the analysis of their sales target.


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