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By: Anju A.P

Odoo Functional Training


Implementing ERP in the business place comes with a lot of hopes and dreams of streamlining the business operations, excelling in the work procedures, maximizing customer satisfaction, ensuring productivity, and most importantly laying a foundation for the safe and sturdy future growth of the business. Bottom-line business management is foreseen by implementing ERP in business places. However, this cannot come true if people aren’t properly trained in the use of ERP applications. Until the ERP users make proper use of the functionalities in the application, no magic can happen in the business end. Thus, all efforts put in ERP implementation including time and money goes in vain.
Thus ERP training should never be compromised or cut down from the ERP implementation project. It should always be given high priority and significance as it lays the foundation for your businessmen to properly utilize the software. ERP training should begin from the earliest starting point and proceed until the ERP framework is executed completely. Opting for online ERP training can significantly cut down the costs and spare much of your time and effort.
Understanding the importance of Odoo Training in business, Cybrosys Technologies, the leading Odoo Partner has come up with the idea of providing Functional Training in Odoo ERP.
Odoo, as we know, is one of the fastest-growing ERP in the market with rich functions and features to meet any business model. With each version release, Odoo is becoming more stronger and highly competent to other ERP solutions in the market. Keeping in mind the potentiality of Odoo to answer intricate business needs, Cybrosys has come up with the idea of offering complete functional training in all modules of the open-source ERP.
The key objective behind Odoo Functional Training is to literate the Odoo users, including  Consultants, Business Analysts, Partners, and other public, the extensivity of Odoo. The training envisions in sharing how Odoo behaves and functions in various modules and how Odoo’s incorporation at the business place improves the operational speed and effectiveness.
The functional training will cover all major modules of Odoo running from CRM, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Point of Sale, eCommerce, Manufacturing, Inventory, the list goes endless. The Odoo functional training series intends on creating a strong knowledge base for attendees. The training series will indeed be a rewarding platform for participants as it strolls down through both basic and advanced features of each module of Odoo. The demonstration of key apps will provide participants with an in-depth overview of Odoo and its major functionalities.
Do you know what is the key reason behind ERP implementation failures? It is none other than inefficient ERP training. Many ERPs significantly failed in meeting the desired goals due to poor training delivery and poor planning. When it comes to realizing the business goals, ERP training has its own very special place as the training elements are listed with specifics matching each implementation phase.
Here is the rundown of major benefits one can acquire through ERP training.
Successful System Implementation: An ERP implementation is something beyond getting technology in place. The success of an ERP implementation resides in how businessmen or the user utilizes the application post implementing it. The success lies in how the user explores and makes maximum utilization of ERP’s functionalities. 
However, proper use of the ERP system can’t be achieved until the user is trained in the application and has a clear and deep understanding of the application and its proficiency to manage various business undertakings. 
The user-level ERP training will empower users with proper use of the ERP application. The training will provide the end-user, the knowledge on how ERP behaves in a particular situation and what are the different set of features and functions that the ERP provides for simplifying user’s day-to-day activities.
A proper ERP Training ensures your ERP system never sits unused.
Boost Employee Productivity: As training introduces to complete features and workflow of the application, the user can better perform their operations effectively and competently. Training lays a foundation for users to optimally utilize the resource, time, and money. Making use of the very limited resource, time, and money, users shall be able to achieve more, that too supreme in quality. Properly trained, the users can remain proficient in their work and can carry their tasks without any aid of any third person. This further saves the cost and time of your business.
Reduces risk: This is the most important part of acquiring ERP Training. Trained from top to bottom reduces the risks of carrying the business operations by businessmen. There are many cases reported of wrong data entry risking quality and work process. If the information entered is wrong, there demand interplay of a large number of resources, time, and money to rectify the mistake. This often risks the business in many ways. However, with proper ERP Training, it can be made sure that employees are using the same set of information, and accessing the same data, reducing the risk of human errors in carrying different business processes.
With the ever-increasing complexity of ERP applications and the complex nature of business procedures, there demands effective user-level ERP training for the users. Cybrosys Technologies observing the increasing demand for the very same in Odoo has come up with the idea of Odoo Functional Training. The functional training will be a continuous process running more like a series covering each Odoo module in detail.
Our functional training in Odoo can equip learners to do the mapping of the application and thus avoid its misuse and malfunctioning.  Here is your golden chance to feel and know Odoo from experts.

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