By: Anusha


 With Odoo’s remarkable HR Module you can manage the most important asset in your company – People! Odoo HRM helps you to manage all your HR operations easily. You can effectively manage human resources by aligning your manpower and skills with your organizations goals and missions.Odoo HRM simplifies various HR management functions. Let us look at some of the key features of the Odoo HRM system


·    Human resources

o   Employees

§ Name

§ Tags

§ Work email

§ Work phone

§ Employee image

§ Leaves

§ Appraisals

§ Contacts

§ Time sheets

§ Pay slips

§ Contact information

Ø  Working address

Ø  Work mobile

Ø  Office location

§ Position

Ø  Department

Ø  Job title

Ø  Manager

Ø  Coach

§ Personal information

Ø  Citizenship and other info

ü Nationality

ü Identification number

ü Passport number

ü Bank account number

ü Other id

ü Home address

Ø  Status

ü Gender

ü Marital status

ü Number of children

Ø  Birth

ü Date of birth

ü Place of birth

§ HR settings

Ø  Leaves

ü Remaining legal leaves

Ø  Appraisals

ü Appraisal plan

ü Next appraisal date

Ø  Contract

ü Medical exam

ü Company vehicle

ü Home-work distance               

Ø  Time sheets

ü Product

ü Analytic journal

o Contracts

§  Contract reference

§  Employee

§  Contract type

§  Job title

§  Salary and advantages

      ü Wage

ü Salary structure

§  Duration 

ü Trial period duration

ü Duration

ü Working schedule

ü Scheduled pay

·       Recruitment 

ü Job positions

§ Job name

§ Department

§ Recruitment possible

§ Specific email address

§ Interview form

§ Job location

§ Applications

§ Documents 

ü Applications

§ Application name

§ Applicants name

§ Contact

§ Responsible

§ Email

§ Next action

§ Phone

§ Mobile

§ Degree

§ Source

§ Referred by

§ Job 

Ø  Applied job

Ø  company

Ø  Department

Ø  Expected salary

Ø  Proposed salary

Ø  Availability

ü Resumes and letters

§ Attachment name     

§ Type

§ File content

§ Owner

·        Time tracking

ü My current time sheet

§ Employee

§ Time sheet period

§ Total attendance

§ Total time sheet

§ Difference

§ Save

§ Submit to manager option

ü Time sheets to validate  : the time sheets that are submitted for valuation

ü Time sheet activities

       § Date

§ User

§ Description

§ Account

§ Duration 

§ Invoice able                  

·        Attendances 

ü Sign in/sign out by project

ü Attendances

§ Employee

§ Date

§ Action

§ Action reason

·        Expenses

ü Expenses

§ Employee

§ Description

§ Date

§ Currency

§ Department

§ Description

·           Leaves

ü Leave request

ü Leave requests to approve

ü Allocation requests

ü Allocation requests to approve

ü Leaves summary

·        Appraisal 

ü Appraisals 

§ Employee

§ Date

§ Plan

§ Start appraisal

§ Appraisal forms

Ø  Deadline date

Ø  Appraisal form

Ø  Interviewer

Ø  Employee to evaluate

Ø  State

ü Interview requests 

§ Appraisal

§ Appraisal phase

§ Interviewer

§ Deadline

·        Payroll

ü Employee payslips

§ Employee

§ Period

§ Contract

§ Reference

§ Structure

§ Pay slip name

§ Worked days

Ø Description

Ø Code

Ø Number of days

Ø Number of hours

Ø Contract

§ Other inputs

§ Salary computation

     Ø Name

Ø Code

Ø Category

Ø Quantity

Ø Rate(%)

Ø Amount

Ø Total

ü Pay slips batches

§ Name

§ Period

§ Pay slips 

Ø Reference

Ø Employee

Ø Pay slip name

Ø Date from

Ø Date to

Ø Status

·        Configuration

ü Employee tags

ü Departments

ü Time sheet accounts

ü Leaves types

ü Expense categories

ü Appraisal plans

ü Contract

ü Attendance

ü Recruitment

ü payroll






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