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By: Anusha

Odoo Manufacturing

 Sustain your evolving manufacturing strategies and streamline your manufacturing process with the Odoo Manufacturing module. Odoo manufacturing module will help you to manage manufacturing orders, control shop floors, assist in factory coordination, manage scheduling, BOM, lot-size adjustment and lead time settings and much more. The Sales, purchase and manufacturing department strongly interact to optimize your returns and reduce losses. Manufacturing module in Odoo is based on stock management and benefits from the Double Entry Stock Management for production orders. This module also has highly flexible Operational and Financial Controls. With the help of Odoo Manufacturing module, you will be well equipped to plan and control your supply chain.

Get a seamless and effective manufacturing process by automatically scheduling orders based on procurement rules, quantity forecasts & dependent demand. Define routing and plan the working time and capacity of your resources. Quickly identify resource requirements and bottlenecks to ensure production meets delivery schedule dates.

- Manufacturing order number

- Production status

- Planned date

o  Scheduled date

o  End date 

-  Actual production date

o   Start date

o   End date

o   Working hours

- Duration

o   Number of cycles

o   Number of hours

- Product to produce

o   Product 

o   Quantity

o   Unit of measure

•     Planning

o   Manufacturing Order planning

o   Work orders by resource

•     Bill of materials

o   View the created bill of materials

o  Create

- Product name

- Product variants

o   Product name

o   Information

- Product type

- Unit of measurement

- Public price

- Barcode

- Costing method

- Supply chain information

- Suppliers 

- Description for suppliers

o  Inventory

- Stock and expected variations

- Status

- Storage location

- Lots

- Weights

- Counter-part locations properties

- dates

o  Sales

- Sale conditions

- Point of Sale

- Website

- Description for quotations

o  Accounting

-  Quantity

-  Routing

-  Bill of material type

o  Set: sales order will only show the raw materials

o  Normal: sales order will show the finished products

o  Phantom: product line will be directly replaced by the BOM of the product created.

-  Components

-  Properties

-  Byproducts

-     Products

o   View products

o    Create new products

-  Product name

-  Reordering rules

-  Total Purchases

-  Total sales

-  Bill of materials required for manufacturing the product

- Routes

-     Routings

o   Routings name

o   Code

o   Production location

o   Work center operations

-  Sequence

-  Name

-  Work Center

-  Number of cycles

-  Number of hours

-     Resources

o   Working time

- Workgroup Manager

- Name

- Day of week

- Work from

- Work to

- Starting date

- Reason

- Resource

- Working time

- Start date

- End date

o  Resource leaves

- View reasons

- Create resource leaves

- Employee name

- Working time

- Reason

- Leave request

- Duration

•     Bill of material components

o  Sequence

o  Parent BOM

o  Product

o  Bill of materials type

o  Product quantity

o  Manufacturing efficiency

o  Product unit of measure

o  Valid from and to dates

o  Routings

o  Variants

•     Work centers      

o   View work centers

-  General information

-  Capacity information

-  Costing information

o  Create new work centers

-  Name

-  Resource type

-  Working time

-  Code

-  Status

-  Capacity information

-  Costing information

• Properties

o  Name

o  Property group

o  Property composition

o  Description

• Property groups



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