By: Sreejith

Odoo multicompany

Odoo perfectly meets the needs of multinational companies. Odoo is an outstanding solution to help small companies growing their business.The multi-company environment allows you to manage operations from different companies with different warehouses, customers and suppliers, products.

To get multi company options First go to Settings >> General Settings , in that check on the Manage multiple companies option.

Now next step give one user(admin) Multicompany rights.

By going to


In that go to admin and check on the Multi Companies

Now i am going to show multi company setup with an example.

My company name is Sea foods and branches are

      1. Cochin

      2. Mangalore

      3. Mumbai

      4. Chennai

First, I am going to create a parent company called Sea Foods, then the branches with parent as Sea Foods.


Setting users for each company

Admin user is a Multicompany user and we use this only for maintaining a regular check and giving access permission to the users, this account will not use for data entry.

Create users and give Access rights to them to particular company.

Setting Accounts

Install chart of accounts for each company.

Select the companies and give proper chart of accounts

Setting >> Configuration >> Accounting


Maintain separate warehouse for each companies. Log in as company user and create warehouse.By default a location(../stock) is created and you can create more locations as you wish.




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