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By: Evin Davis

Odoo Studio: Why Should You Use It

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Custom development is the terminology that is set to be in operations during the last declared. In the earlier years, the ideology of customizing a product or a service was seen to be far outreach from being practical, and the products were manufactured in bulk quantities to meet the customer demands. One of the primary reasons for the aspect of customization not being evolved in the previous century is the lack of competition in the market as well as the high pricing aspects of custom products. That is not the case today. We have a hugely competitive market and the vendors, manufactures as well as service providers are all offering custom solutions for the customers.

The same aspect can be seen in the software market where the dedication customization as per the customer requirement did not seem to be possible. However, today we have customizable solutions for application-specific operations, service management, business management, and many more. There has been a sudden surge in the business management solutions which can be customized in operations. Enterprise and resource planning software solutions top the mark with the operations management capability and customization among the solutions for the entire company as well as business management. 

The ideology of ERP solutions for business management was established long before but was brought into the application right after digitalization. Today there are numerous Enterprise as well as resource management solutions. Among them, there is only a minority of them with the capability to undergo customization and integration with third-party applications to run the business management operations. Odoo a complete business management ERP solution with the capability of undergoing effective company management falls under that category. Being an Open Source business management solution Odoo is easily customizable helping you to define the business in the way you need it. 

Today Odoo has become a worldwide phenomenon in the business management market used by 5 million users all around the world. The adaptability along with the localization aspect allowing you to define the business management operations as per the regional as well as government specification helps to break the barriers of being operational with holding on to a continent or region. Furthermore, operating ability with multiple languages, multiple currencies, and multiple companies of operations make it possible to break all the countries and act as globalization for business management.

With Odoo you will be able to manage any form of business thanks to its ability to undergo customization as per the operational needs and necessity of any business. You can approach any certified Odoo partner for this task, Cybrosys Technologies a prominent Odoo gold partner is well knowledgeable and expert in the customization aspects of Odoo. Furthermore, you will be able to develop new applications to be functioning in Odoo with the use of advanced applications: The Odoo Studio. Many of the users of Odoo are unaware of the capabilities of the Odoo Studio module; perhaps it can be said as one of the underrated features of the Odoo ERP system. Here are certain aspects of Odoo Studio which describe why you should use it in your business?

Never write a single line of code

To define custom Odoo applications you will never have to write a single line of code as there are dedicated blocks of operation that can be dragged and dropped to be functional as per the requirement. These block tools include configurable ones which can be defined in the existing Odoo applications that have been installed in your platform. Moreover, the functioning of the newly created application can also be configured with that of the existing ones using the definite block tools which have been described here.

Define forms views, reports, and menus using the blocks

The block tolls along with the help of the menu editor functionality available in the Studio module of the Odoo platform will help to defined various views for your menus, bring in report generational aspect as well as define the forms for the employees to be filled in need of adding an attribute to the application once it's in operation. For all these aspects you would never have to write a single line of the code or depend on the XML Editor that is available.

XML Editor

Although the block tools available in the Studio module of the Odoo ERP are more than enough to bring custom applications as well as functionality to your platform the Odoo has put forward an XML Editor also. With this XML editor, you can bring advanced customization as well as full-fledged functionalities as per your requirement.

Bring in automation

Automation is the key to the effective functioning of the business today in this digitalized and fast-moving world. With the help of the XML Editor as well as the functional block tools available in the Odoo Studio module, you will be able to configure the various aspects of automating the operations of the application developed or customized.

Use the application developed in other Odoo instances.

The application and custom modules that are being developed, refined, and crafted as per the requirements can be exported to other Odoo instances of your network in the form of ZIP files and installed in the respective Odoo instance. This will help you to move the application from one Odoo instance to the other providing you with the useability of the custom application in all the required areas of your company.

In conclusion, with the endless customization options and capability to design craft, and develop applications specific modules the Odoo Studio module will be helpful in the business. Moreover, the Odoo Studio will be able to bring in custom usages to the existing applications that are available by default in Odoo.

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