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Odoo Website Module: The Efficient Website Building And Management Tool

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A website has become an important entity of a company and today it's an integral part of any company operation. You cannot see a company operating without a website as it has become one of the main mediums of conducting business. Today both e-commerce, as well as company websites or an organization, are used for conducting sales, attracting more customers, and offering services. Moreover, various countries have been inculcated in the operations of these websites, and therefore, you would need dedicated management tools for the operations. The use of software solutions that help with website building and management operations are a well-practiced terminology all across the world and numerous software solutions offer the same.
Odoo is one software solution that is an excellent enterprise and resource planning software that is used for complete business management. Additionally, with the capability of management of the entire business from one single platform. So what makes Odoo an efficient website management tool regardless of an efficient business management aspect. Due to the dedicated modular structure of operations, Odoo has distinct application-specific modules such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Repairs, Accounting, recruitment, Field Services, Project, Planning, and many more. In addition, there is a dedicated website management module which will be one of the highlights of the Odoo ERP.
The Odoo website module will add up to the aspect of website building as well as website management operations. The no-code approach of website building operations with Odoo will help you with the crafting of attractive as well as eye-catching websites. Furthermore, the powerful building blocks which are available in the Odoo website builder will provide you with helpful aspects on the website creation and design. Moreover, the Odoo website builder will come integrated with the Odoo website module and the website building operations can be conducted from the front end of the website which is being created by the website module of Odoo. it's now mode on to understand certain salient features of the Odoo website module in the next section.
Features of Odoo website module
The dedicated website building and management module of Odoo make the platform an exceptional ERP solution in the market. Today there is no other enterprise and resource planning solutions provider in the market that offers you such an exceptional website building and management tool for operations. Here are the certain salient features of the Odoo website module:
Craft attractive websites
With the dedicated website builder that is available, you will be able to craft attractive websites for your company. This is a no-code approach where you just have to drag and drop the building blocks available in the website builder. It can be further customized as per your requirement with the help of style and configuration options available in each of the blocks. You also have an educated HTML/CSS/JS Editor which will be helpful for the users having programming language regarding the website building aspect here, you can code for the various custom aspects regarding the website building.
Manage multiple websites in multi-languages
You can manage multiple websites which can be easily created using the website module of Odoo. Here you can define any number of websites of multiple companies which are being operated from the Odoo platform. Moreover, each of the websites can be assigned to be displayed in multiple languages. You can load any international and national languages which can be made to be operated based on the configuration that you have provided.
Visitor tracking and lead generation
Odoo has dedicated webpage tracking solutions that will provide you with the SEO aspects of each webpage of your website. Moreover, with the help of the SEO optimization tools and options that are available, you will be able to showcase your web pages to your customers. Based on the visitor information you can generate leads for the business which can be pursued using the integrated CRM module of Odoo.
Run e-commerce operations effectively
With the Odoo website module, you will be able to run the E-commerce operations of your company effectively with the help of dedicated tools that help you to define the e-commerce webpage on your website. Moreover, you can define the eLearning courses of your company, post blogs, and forums on the website.
These are the certain aspects of the Odoo website module which will add up to the effective website creation and management of the operations of the company websites. Learning about Odoo website builder mainly about its functional tasks is vital before operating with the platform and there are no excellent resources that offer you descriptions of the fictional aspects of Odoo website builder. The book Designing Professional Websites with Odoo Website Builder is one of the best and reliable sources to learn about the website building aspects on Odoo. All the operations of the website builder are explained in detail with the help of screenshot images as well as examples providing the reader a complete understanding of the aspects. It's readily available on Amazon as an e-book or a hard copy, you can use the following link to obtain the book:

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