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Key Benefits of Using Odoo 14 Project Module

Functional Odoo 14

What is project management? 
Project management in general is the process of coordinating and managing work assigned to a team and completing the work to achieve the goals set. When it comes to project management at the industrial level, a project can be any work including manufacturing, supply chain management, or service support. In the business world, there are companies that take up different projects for themselves as well as for a client and complete the project in a systematic way to help them achieve their goals. 
Why do we need ERP for project management?
ERP or enterprise resource planning software extends support to the project management team to coordinate all project-related activities, project teams and complete the work on time. An ERP will also help the business to review the performance of the project team as well as individual employees. This can support you to divide the project into tasks and subtasks.
With an ERP solution for project management, a project team will get assistance to generate invoices and sale orders as well. 
Benefits of Odoo 14 Projects
Odoo offers the best open source support system for project management. With its sophisticated features and functionalities, Odoo assists you to plan the project, create tasks, manage to invoice, organize the work hours with the help of a timesheet, and use worksheets for efficient completion of the project.
This blog will help us identify the major benefits of using the Odoo 14 Project module.
Fast and efficient operations
Odoo 14 Project module has been designed to offer quick and efficient project management support to the clients. This tool, with a modern and user-friendly interface, helps the users to manage different projects in the best possible way. It is suitable to meet all the requirements in the modern period and helps the team to gather all data within seconds. 
Mobile-phone friendly
The project management tool can be installed on the mobile phone so that the tool can be used on the move.  This feature benefits you to track the projects from anywhere. The team members and the managers can remain connected always with this feature. At the same time, the Odoo Project module enables you to get large screen views using computers. This also offers a chatter facility on the large screen. 
Customizability of projects
If you are handling projects with Odoo, you can easily edit or customize the project. This tool supports you to rename the project or reschedule the stages. We can also generate automated emails and plan activities. Besides, Filters and Groups features help to easily track the projects and tasks based on our measures.
This application has been developed considering the users and hence it offers the best views to the users. The project details can have a Kanban view which helps users to have a quick glance at the projects based on tasks and stages. We can also trace the deadlines to make use of the efficiency of the project management team. The users can create different stages of the project and find out the working hours and hours pending. 
This tool also offers you a Gantt Chart, Graphic, and Pivot view of the projects helping you to track time and deadline. A quick review of the project using graphical representation and statistical analysis using pivot table is also possible with Odoo projects.
Time tracking support
Manage your time efficiently for the completion of the project. Odoo Timesheet integration with the Project module enables us to track the time and the working hours of each and every employee. This also helps to review the progress of the work. 
Schedule and Plan
Odoo Calendar has also been integrated with Odoo  Projects. This helps us to manage deadlines and schedule the tasks. It is also possible to reschedule the events
Customer Management made easy
The project module enables the users to generate customer tickets. Besides, it will help customers to track the progress of the project and have constant interaction with the project team enabling improvisation of the project. Communication between the project management team and their clients is possible using email communication as well if you are using Odoo. Besides, we can automate the communication with the clients by automating emails on the status of the project.
Improved communication support
Odoo enables the users for email integration and manages their own email alias. This helps the managers or the customers to automatically create a task by sending emails to the specified alias. All those who receive the communication will automatically become part of the task. It also supports sending customer alerts based on the activities. The Activity log support which can be traced with all the tasks will help us to keep track of the activities in the past and this is a kind of documentation support. Odoo Project also enables us to chat with the team members just by clicking on the image of the team member. This saves time and enables us to collect inputs on a real-time basis.
Quick management of Sales 
This open-source Projects tool helps us to generate invoices based on the working hours and the material cost. Time spent on each project can be calculated automatically with the help of a timesheet. Besides, we can also enable the material prices and add them to the invoice. From the creation of tasks to sales, orders can be managed with ease using this tool.
Report generation
A major highlight of all Odoo tools is the reporting support. We can generate reports in an easy-to-grasp format with this tool. Filters, measures, and group-by options also help the team to manage the reports. We can also assess the profitability and have an overview of the project based on the cost and revenue.  This will also support us to analyse the tasks.
Integration with other modules
Project modules can be integrated with other modules like Accounting, Expenses, Timesheet, Calendar, Planning, etc. The integration helps to manage accounting operations, plan expenses, track working hours, and schedule and plan the activities. 
We can also integrate Odoo projects with other applications including Google Docs. 
More details about Odoo Projects and its benefits can be accessed from www.cybrosys.com

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