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Optimize your Hotel Operations with Odoo

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The hospitality and the restaurant industry has been striving to excellence as with the new establishments being in a variety of cuisine, hospitality experience and providing you with ample services to enjoy and relax by spending a quality time over there. Today there are numerous chains of hotels and hospitality businesses available offering you attractive services and luxury of comfort all across the world.
The hit of the coronavirus pandemic has devastated the functioning of the hospitality sector and brought the operations to a halt due to the travel bans and the strict norms placed by the authorities all across the world. However, today as the restrictions have been loosened and the major bans have been removed the sector has started to gain its progress and has been showing agreeable progress in profit as well as income in a gradual way.
The hospitality and the restaurant sector are the areas of operation which require utmost care and the management to run them efficiently and not discouraging the customer. Therefore, the requirements of dedicated tools of management for the inhouse as well as the outhouse operations of the Hotels will be beneficial in the functioning as it can bring in more efficiency and profits to the establishments. Today there are various hospitality management tools available in the market which will help you with the management of your hotel's accommodation and the restaurant business. The Enterprise and resource planning software has helped the organization in dealing with the management aspects of business and in-house functioning and this software can be used and configured to be operational in the hospitality sector.
Odoo is one among such ERPs which will provide you with complete control over the business operations of any sector, region, and scale of company operations. One of the best features of the Odoo platform is the customization ability towards its operations which will help you to configure the operations of the business to run in the standards that you have described. Today the reachability of the platform and its operations have been widened from the initial days of operations that the platform was developed in the earlier days of the current century, all thanks to the Odoo community new features are added regularly with the help of major as well as minor updates to the platform. Today a group of more than 5 million happy users is subscribers of the Odoo ERP stretching all over the world to run their business operations varying in the sector, scale, region, and terminologies of functioning.
This blog will enlighten you on how Odoo helps in optimizing the operations of a hotel.
Before diving into the topic let us describe to you some of the main aspects of operations in hotel management which will require your key control and overlook of operations. These are some of the main aspects of functioning hotels and their operations:
> Financial aspects and accounting operations
> Catering and restaurants management
> Accommodation booking and hospitality management
> Guest management
> HR management and the employee functioning
> Kitchen operation and ist inventory management
> Event management and location functionings
These are some of the basic aspects of hotel operations management and the things you should be considering while functioning to have efficiency in operations. Now let's discuss how the Odoo ERP will help you in the operations of the hotels.
How can you manage the hotel operations with Odoo?
The aspects mentioned above on hotel management cannot be fully controlled and managed without the help of a delicate tool of operation. Odoo ERP can provide you with complete management of operations and dedicated tools of management. Thanks to the modular approach to business management with the help of dedicated modules of operation which will act as the complete controlling factor to hotel operations. Here are certain aspects of the Odoo platform which will help you with the hotel management aspects of it:
> Dedicated module for the finance operations
> Direct invoicing with the invoicing module
> Customer Relationship Management for attaining customer leads and creating opportunities
> Restaurants and takeaway management with the POS module
> Employee management with dedicated modules such as recruitment, attendance, time off, appraisal, approval, and many more.
> Event management module to manage the events
> Membership management for the club membership management, loyalty customer management, and dealing with the regular customers.
> Fleet management module to manage the home deliveries from the restaurants
> The e-commerce platform to order the food items of the customer online which can be delivered using the home delivery services 
> Hotel website where the room bookings can be taken up and managed by a user portal services.
These are the certain aspects that the Odoo platform will provide an operational capability in the hotel management operation but not limited to in the functions. Furthermore, the platform is a fully customizable one that can be configured in operation on how your hotel business functions. Moreover, the configuration aspects will mainly depend on the platform and the service provided to you, therefore choose one of the Odoo vendors who are reliable and efficient in operations.
Today the Odoo ERP and the platform have a wide demand and reputation for the operation due to the capabilities of the platform which has been provided to its current uses all across the world. Furthermore, with more and more features of operations being added frequently provided by the Odoo community and supported by them throughout the functioning with Odoo therefore, the platform became one of the advanced and reliable solutions of ERP business management tools available today.

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