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By: Mohamed Savad V

Overview of Readonly Price Unit for Sale & Invoice in Odoo 16 App

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In Odoo 16, the Sales module is a powerful tool. In addition to sales, we can also manage customers, products, and services. Odoo 16 offers some advanced features, such as the ability to edit product information directly from our quotations and invoices. However, that may not be applicable to all types of users. By default, Odoo does not have an option for firms to do/not update their product prices based on quotations or invoices by salespeople.

It is possible to set the unit price to not be editable by specific users/salespeople by using the Read-Only Price Unit for Sale and Invoice module. This module facilitates setting the unit price on sales quotations and invoices. In this blog, we can go over every feature of the module and learn how to make the product price not changeable on quotations or invoices.

This functionality can be set up in three steps. 

1. Enable the Read Only Unit Price for Sales’ and ‘Read Only Unit Price for Invoice’ options. 

2. Setup a unit price for every product. 

3. Create a quotation or an invoice.

1. Enable the Functionality

After installing the module, we must turn on the functionality to continue. This module provides two functions.

1. Readonly Unit Price for Sales

2. Readonly Unit Price for Invoice options

The read-only unit pricing for the sales function sets a unit price that cannot be changed on sale orders or quotations.     


To enable the function, open the ‘Users’ settings (Choose the user who cannot update the unit price). There is a section under Access Right called "Readonly Unit Price '' where we can turn on the feature.

2. Set up Product Price

After enabling the settings, we can set up the unit price for every product. You can skip this step if the unit pricing for the product is already done.

Open Odoo 16 Sales -> Products


Set a sale price for each product following the screenshot above.

3. To Create a Quotation or Invoice

Now we can move on to creating a quotation. When the specified user creates a quotation, then he or she can’t update the unit price


In the above screenshot, the Unit Price is displayed in Readonly mode. The salesperson can’t update the Unit Price. Additionally, it works for invoices as well. For that, we can enable the ‘Read-only Unit Price for Invoice’ option.


Now, You can enable the "Readonly Unit Price for Invoice option."


We can see in the screenshot that the price field changes to read-only mode when the salesperson creates an invoice. Then it is impossible for a user to modify the product price.

This module allows us to restrict the product price update in Quotation/Invoice for many users simultaneously. After we enable the functionality, we can permanently disable the price-changing functionality, and we can also specify the functionality for some users.

Only some users of this module can limit other users. Only admins have access to the menu. In addition, this module is compatible with community and enterprise.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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