By: Anusha

POS Configuration in Odoo

POS is a unique application inside the Odoo applications set which is working on a 100% web based environment. It has two part a Front end and a Backend.


Front End

Front end interface allows you to sell products quickly and it also enables you to deal multiple customers at a time.


Back End 

Back end interface allows you to configure your point of sale and also print reports and analyse your sales.


Main features 

Offline Mode 

You can use the POS front end even if there is no internet connection, which means once the POS front end is launched in Odoo server or the connection could be shut down without affecting the POS.



Install POS Application

Go to Apps --> Point of Sale and install the app.


After installing POS App populate the product Database

Go to Point of Sale?Orders?Products

Under sales Tab there is Point of sale configuration, Make sure that availability in the point of sale  is checked. Otherwise it won’t be seen in the front end.  It will not be able to see in the front end.


Configure the Payment methods

Go to Point of Sale? Configuration ?Payment Method

Under point of sales tab check whether active in point of sale is checked


Configure the Point of sale

Go to Point of Sale? Configuration ?Point of sale

Add the payment method in to the point of sale. If you want to enable cash control Enable cash control under cash control


Create Your First Order

From the Dashboard select the point of sale and click New Session and then we get redirected to the front end interface of point of sale and you can select products .You can change the quantity of a product By clicking on Qty, change price By clicking on Price and Give discount by clicking on Disc Buttons



Select the payment method and make the payment.


Closing a session

Select the corresponding session from the sessions and click on validate closing and post 0entries button.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



Go to Point of Sale?Reports

We get a detailed report of sales and also order analysis



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