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By: Manu menonn

Product Enhancements with Odoo 15 Ecommerce Module

Functional Odoo 15 Website&E-commerce

Product enhancements are one of the customer-centric features of the Odoo 15      Ecommerce module. Enhancing products can increase sales by customer attraction. With the Odoo 15 eCommerce module, you can enhance products for your customers to pick from and help them have access to your new line of products easily. With the assistance of the features such as Product attributions your customers can easily arrive at their desired products easily similarly, there are multiple ways by which Odoo can improve Product to customer communication that is essential for a successful sale.

This blog is a quick note on Product Enhancements with Odoo 15 Ecommerce module

Odoo 15 has a more customer-centric approach to website building compared to its predecessors. Odoo allows you to define your favorite products based on many criteria including Best-selling, Most-viewed or most recommended, and many more to help users or the customers to have quick access to the required products over the other products. This feature helps customers to pick the right product without any clutter. Allowing your customers to have maximum space to use website shopping features, can help you to gain more customer attention thereby leading to a possible increase in sales because of customer recommendations after successful sales.

Making your customers feel comfortable while shopping on your website is an important factor in website designing and product display management. Product enhancement and proper product management features in your website are mainly rooted in customer satisfaction. The Wishlist feature of the  Odoo 15 Ecommerce module is an essential feature that can help in improving customer user experience and satisfaction. The e-commerce module allows you to define your favorite products from the backend actually allowing your users to access the right products, wishlist is essentially linked to the wishlist or the favorites section of the respective website.

The wishlist feature is one of the most useful functions in the Odoo eCommerce website that can actually ensure proper customer satisfaction. A customer can set a product on the wishlist for buying later. A customer can add any product or any amount of products to the wishlist and get updates on the details of the products that they have added to the wishlist. Updated information on the wishlist products is essential for the customers to keep track of the product that they wish to buy. Keeping your customers updated on product information and stock details allows them to plan the purchase with respect to the information that you are giving them. This will increase your sales to a huge extent.  

The customer’s wishlist can actually help Odoo identify the interests of the customers and recommend products on the basis of their wishlist thereby increasing the chances of sales to a great extent. This particular product enhancement nature of Odoo Ecommerce works better if the user has an account on your website. This allows the user to personalize the entire webspace allotted to them for shopping on your website. This actually helps Odoo to work closely with the customers and their interests and enhance the new products and the products similar to the products that the customers are interested in.

The gift cards feature is a new useful addition to the Odoo inventory module which the Ecommerce module can use effectively in proper product management.  The gift card feature allows users to add products like gift cards. This feature can be configured from the Inventory module of Odoo 15. You can configure this feature within a few simple steps from the inventory module. 

Go to the Product option under the Product tab of the Inventory module dashboard as shown below.


This will give you the entire list of products that you have as shown below along with the option to create or add a new product into your inventory.


Select the product that you want to add as the gift card from the product list. A configuration page will open up. From the configuration page click on the Edit button to configure the Product as shown and highlighted in the image given below.


Under the Product type of the Select the Gift card option as shown in the image given above click on the save button after the configurations. The configuration space can be used to configure every aspect of product management in Odoo. It is necessary to note that the configurations are necessary for smooth product movements and purchases.    

 After the initial configurations Odoo will act on the product on the basis of the configurations that you have given on the products and all of these procedures are strongly connected to the final result of customer satisfaction. Odoo essentially provides you with every support to achieve it.  

 The Odoo 15 inventory module is fully integrated with the Ecommerce module for maximum efficiency. Both modules work hand in hand to generate maximum sales results. Your website is directly linked to the Inventory module to access product data and stock details so that your customers won't run out of product choices or options.    

Pushing up the products or product's enhancements is necessary to improve your sales and customer relations. And often this works automatically with respect to individual customer shopping and their preferences of products. So essentially the feature rests with the interests of the Customer and all that the Odoo does is it recognizes the purchase pattern and recommends products accordingly. Usually, products that are essentially related to the desired product of the  Customers are shown. This particular feature works on the basis of product attribute that you can configure from the product configuration tab.  

You can push up the value or the necessity of a single or a group of products instantly with the Odoo 15 Ecommerce website by simply recommending and reviewing the product on the website for the customers to look upon as mentioned earlier to improve sales. The integration of the inventory module allows the customers to have updated information on products and services. This could help you to improve customer satisfaction and product sales within a short period of time.

Odoo 15 allows you to customize the various aspects of the products at any time based on the customer's requests allowing your customers to be more dependable on your business over efficient product management.

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